Flowers for September wedding

Flowers for September wedding, summer style

For those who have set the date in the first half of the month, they will probably still find a summer climate, with high temperatures and beautiful days, excellent for the bride and the guests, especially for women, since formal dresses are mainly light dresses. The most suitable flowers for a wedding in early September are the summer ones, such as sunflowers, daisies, lisantus, gerberas, iris, snapdragon, and anthurium. gerberas could turn out to be a perfect and sparkling background for a ceremony that takes place in broad daylight, their bright colors will instill joy just admiring them. If you want to opt for more refined and soft tones, perhaps for an evening ceremony, you can opt for beautiful compositions of iris or lisantus.

Flowers for September wedding, autumn style

For future spouses who will pronounce the fateful «yes» in the second half of the month, you can opt for autumn-style decorations. Do not worry, most likely only the style will be autumn, the climate usually remains quite mild, if not yet hot.The perfect flowers for a wedding that will take place in late September will be orchids, calla lilies, crocus sativus, celosia and For a ceremony in broad daylight with strong and autumnal characters, you can opt for a composition of dahlia or celosia or calla flowers, while if you want to keep a soft and romantic theme, especially for evening ceremonies, you can choose orchids or the crocus sativus with very soft pastel colors, such as lilac.

September wedding flowers, bouquet ideas

To each bride her own bouquet! Here the decision becomes very personal, if not unique. The most important bouquet of flowers for the September wedding will have to follow the style of the rest of the decorations, but at the same time reflect the character of the bride.A strong and cheerful woman will almost certainly have set the date for the first decade of the month and will not disdain the summer decorations, the most suitable flowers for her will be snapdragons and sunflowers, they will radiate all her happiness.A more romantic and dreamy woman will most likely get married in the evening and will be more inclined to choose muted tones for decorations, a bouquet of orchids will make her a princess. For the more «complicated» women, that is simple, sunny but also dreamers, the most suitable bouquet will be the one composed of wild flowers, such as daisies,

Flowers for September wedding, economic methods

Wedding is one of the best days in a couple’s life, but also one of the most expensive! Unfortunately, floral decorations have their price, but if you act well in advance you can amortize the costs.The flowers for a wedding in September help us a lot, since in this period there are flowers of great impact and of considerable size , like calla lilies and sunflowers, this means that there is no need to buy a large amount to decorate the church. A great way to save money is to move the flowers from the celebration venue to the restaurant, this way the cost will be halved.If your wedding is still a project in progress and you have plenty of time before the wedding. event you can opt for a more economical, creative and ecological choice:

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