Flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden a way of life

When we buy a house, its dimensions will affect the choice of the size of the furniture, the same thing happens for our garden. The ideal would be a nice corner with neighbors «not too close». At the moment, let’s take into consideration a beautiful rectangular garden with a gate that leads to the entrance to the house, we could imagine a floral hedge with a low border, which accompanies happily to the entrance of the house. Before starting the choice of garden flowers to plant, a boundary line must be drawn between the surrounding lawn and the flowerbed itself. The possible options to equip us with this separation can also be decorative: a small wooden fence, modular according to the chosen path, in wrought iron, with motifs of your choice,

Recognize the garden flowers suitable for our garden

Recognizing the garden flowers suitable for our garden requires a little study of what type of soil we have, and basically the climate in which our flowers will live. The plants that best adapt to these two questions will be those that will flourish and thrive best and will be the most suitable to be cultivated. If our garden is in a totally sunny position, our flowers in the garden must have a good resistance to drought and not fear the heat. The ideal for these positions is purslane (native to South America) which boasts countless species, with a huge variety of colors. The purslane can reach a maximum height of 20 centimeters and no more than 15 centimeters wide, it needs a warm and sunny place, it blooms from June to September, and it doesn’t need much water, except for the hottest periods (on the other hand it’s not a cactus!) Good drained soil and fertilization in flowering are recommended.

Long stemmed garden flowers

We can think of planting long-stemmed flowers if we have a nice large garden, to highlight an unusual flower bed. The calla is a plant native to South Africa, in those places it grows near water sources such as streams, it is a bulbous plant with abundant growth. The long stem of the calla can reach up to one meter in height! Zantedeschia Aethiopica is the calla commonly used in cultivation, its glossy leaves are of a beautiful dark green and have a spathe shape, harmoniously completed with beautiful 20 cm high flowers, enveloping a long yellow spadix. Before burying, the earth must be worked well in depth, its bulbs placed 15 cm deep and 30 cm apart. The colorful calla variety can form beautiful borders and magnificent flower pots.

Growing succulents with flowers in the garden

A plant to be handled with «care» is certainly the succulent plant, in order not to run into unpleasant and pungent situations, but also succulent plants in the garden can reserve unexpected and colorful surprises. Succulents do not require pruning or special care, and have their own distinctive exotic charm. Our first thought will be the preparation of the soil that will welcome them, it must be well drained to avoid any stagnation of water, which would rot the plant. The ideal soil is a mixture of sand and soil in equal parts (with the right exposure to the sun), better if we will add a layer of expanded clay. The foxtail (Aporocactus) develops with creeping stems covered with spines, which can be up to 60 centimeters long,

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