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Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the red rose is? You probably take it for granted! If you receive red roses on Valentine’s Day, the message is clear: for centuries, in fact, it has been considered the flower of love.But what is the meaning of the other colors? The white rose in the language of flowers symbolizes purity, innocence, chastity. Like all white flowers it can also be used to symbolize humility, compassion and spirituality. Yellow roses are an expression of exuberance: if given to someone you are not romantically attached to, they are a great way to welcome. But given to your loved one they have a completely different meaning: I am jealous! Pink roses are used to communicate kind emotions, such as admiration, joy and gratitude. If they are pale pink, they indicate sweetness and innocence. Blue roses represent something difficult to achieve. Giving them is like saying: I can’t stop thinking about you, but I know I can’t have you.Once you know the abc, you can indulge yourself in creating personalized messages: for example a bouquet of red and white roses will say: I love you and mine intentions are serious.

Flowers meaning: amaryllis

The amaryllis in the language of flowers symbolizes a splendid beauty, beauty understood as something that goes beyond appearances.The meaning of the anemone is waiting. If dark in color, it can indicate a fading hope, feeling abandoned. Anthurium is the flower of hospitality, joy and abundance. The bird of paradise expresses joie de vivre, excitement. It can also symbolize magnificence. Calla lily also symbolizes magnificence and beauty, but in a purer and more innocent sense: for this reason these flowers are widely used in wedding bouquets. Carnation is another beautiful flower, appreciated above all for its sweet fragrance but also a little spicy. But you have to pay attention to the color you choose: the red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration. If pink represents the love of a woman, be it the wife or the mother. The white carnation instead symbolizes innocence and pure love, but if the carnation is lilac it is a symbol of capriciousness, while the yellow indicates contempt, rejection or disappointment. A striped carnation, on the other hand, communicates rejection.

Meaning flowers: the chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum, in the Italian tradition is the cemetery flower par excellence, but in oriental culture (especially Japanese) its meaning is paradoxically long life, joy, fidelity and optimism. In red it is a symbol of true love, in white of loyalty.The narcissus in the language of flowers symbolizes respect and chivalry. It is also considered a symbol of rebirth. A single narcissus is believed to bring bad luck, or in any case it is a representation of unrequited love, while giving many is a wish for joy and happiness.The daisy symbolizes innocence, joy and loyalty, so it is perfect to give in a context of friendship. freesia is a symbol of reflection and thoughtfulness. The white lily is the flower of purity, modesty and chastity. But if orange or some other color, then it is to be understood as a tribute to a refined, gay sweet beauty. It is the ideal flower to give to a person who considers themselves pure of heart.The gardenia indicates a secret love, but in a joyful sense. If they give you gardenias they are telling you that you are adorable! The flower of constancy is the hyacinth.

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The gladiolus is the flower for those who are strong in character, decisive and tied to values ​​such as honor. It is also an invitation to remember. Iris in the language of flowers recalls eloquence, if purple associated with wisdom, if blue with hope. The orchid is a symbol of exotic and refined beauty and maturity. It is a very feminine flower so it is excellent to pay homage to motherhood.The peony is the flower of shyness, but its meaning can also be indignation.The buttercup is perfect to give to a person with a sunny charm.The snapdragon represents grace and strength, but sometimes it can mean pride.The sunflower indicates pure thoughts and transparent personality, as well as admiration.The tulip is a declaration of love in all respects: in fact it represents perfect love.Also a bouquet of mixed flowers, with a confused meaning, send a message: I have feelings for you, even if I have not yet understood which ones. However, beyond the meaning that flowers have, when you receive them, keep in mind that not everyone knows their meaning. So, if someone gives you a floral tribute, probably what they want to tell you is simply: I love you.

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