Folding tables

Folding tables in wood

Among the most common materials for garden furniture there is wood, as a natural element and therefore easily inserted harmoniously into the surrounding space. The aesthetic ones, however, are not the only factors that favor the wide use of this material: folding wooden tables, for example, can take full advantage of the relationship between strength and lightness of wood, giving life to tables that are easy to transport and yet able to withstand prolonged exposure to outdoor environments. Wood offers, in its natural state, ample decorative possibilities, thanks to the great variety of colors assumed by the different types of plants used for processing. Folding wooden tables usually have small dimensions, to make transport and storage in sheltered spaces practical and usable, but they can still constitute highly decorative elements, thanks to the infinite variety of possible creations from an aesthetic point of view. Despite the low cost, therefore, the wooden folding tables can be chosen with accuracy to identify the model able to adapt perfectly to the space for which it will be destined.

Folding tables in plastic

In the field of garden furniture, plastic is widely accepted thanks to the technical characteristics it is able to offer. Among these, the lightness, which makes it a perfect material for all outdoor furniture designed for easy transport. The folding plastic tables are the ideal solution for all those who wish to be able to create, in a very short time, a space in which to welcome their guests, or for greater comfort on trips out of town: the plastic garden table is suitable to any use and just as quickly and effortlessly can be folded and stored in an allotment place until it is used, without having to occupy excessive space. Choosing a plastic folding table does not mean having to give up elegance and creativity: the tables can in fact be made in the most disparate colors, from greens and browns in imitation of wood, for a harmonious insertion into the natural environment, up to the most gaudy colors, for a touch of liveliness and to resume the predominant colors of the garden or of the nearby flowered areas. The plastic folding tables do not require special attention, if not periodic cleaning, and are able to remain in excellent condition even with the passage of time.

Folding iron tables

As for folding tables, the use of iron is not uncommon either, which offers the possibility of creating the best combination of elegance and practicality. Compared to the materials mentioned above, wood and plastic, iron offers more decorative possibilities and the creation of structures with more accurate and complex details. On the other hand, iron is a heavier material than the previous ones, therefore, for the same size, an iron folding table will be less easy to transport, although still extremely practical. The folding iron tables can be completed with mosaic motifs or inserts in wood or other materials, for a more decorative effect, and have different shapes and sizes, to adapt to any space. In particular, wrought iron tables offer the maximum decorative possibility, as the material allows the creation of extremely detailed decorations and elements, thanks to the malleability of the material being processed. These tables are particularly suitable even in confined spaces, such as terraces or balconies: it is possible to position the folding table in spring and summer and then store it away from humidity and rain in winter, sacrificing only one space for its conservation. minimum.

The choice and the purchase

The folding tables are the optimal solution for all those who wish to be able to create a corner dedicated to relaxation that does not take up too much space and does not have excessive dimensions, but above all that is easily movable in case of need. The folding tables, in fact, can be transported easily and disassembled with equal ease, for a functionality that never leaves disappointed. The choice of the folding table can be oriented first of all by aesthetic factors, but all the factors concerning the technical characteristics of the material must not be forgotten, to have the certainty of a folding table able to fully satisfy every need. From a cost point of view, folding tables can have significant differences from model to model: the primary influence is the size, the material used and the complexity of the decorations and motifs present. Therefore, viewing more models is the best solution to identify the table that best suits your needs and those of your portfolio.

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