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Furnish with stone fountains

Walking in the garden is always pleasant and yet an element that can make the furnishings of our green spaces original are the fountains. Depending on the size of our green space, we can think of furnishing it with one or more types of stone, marble or concrete fountains, with more or less scenographic effects, according to our tastes and our possibilities. If we decide to create particular scenographic effects through the fountains, it is however good to contact garden furnishing professionals, who will be able to advise us in the best possible way on the materials and the type of fountain that suits us. The types of stone, marble and concrete fountains on the market today are so varied as to allow, if desired, to install one even in confined spaces,

The stone fountains

One of the most resistant and convenient materials, with which the most varied decorative effects can be obtained, is certainly stone; there are different types of stones with which the fountains are made, and each of these allows unique decorative effects. The stone fountain in fact allows, due to the lower porosity of the material, to better resist the flow of water, with a better yield over time; indeed, often, if the furniture is well studied, the deposition of limestone on our stone fountain can add an antiqued effect, giving value to the vision of the fountain in our garden. However, any type of material does not exempt us from periodically carrying out the cleaning operations necessary for the maintenance of the fountain.

The stone fountains: marble and stones

The stone and marble fountains are made, according to the request made and the company to which it is addressed, using the most diverse types of stones. If the type of stone fountain we need is small and you do not need a particular shape, smooth natural stones are the most suitable, since the fountain thus created will lend itself to being placed without too much bulk in any point of the garden, even against the wall. However, these little porous stones also lend themselves well to being sculpted in artistic forms. If, on the other hand, our intent is to furnish the garden with a naturalistic rendering, the best effects can be obtained with raw natural stones and rocks, which allow you to play more with bare shapes,

Stone Fountain: The shapes of stone fountains

On the market there are stone fountains carved in series but also worked by hand, if we are willing to spend a little more. The latter really allow to furnish the garden with great creativity and on the market there are the most diverse forms: cascading stone fountains, with different levels inserted one on top of the other; fountains that combine sculptures with shapes of objects, animals and humans and natural rocky elements, monolith fountains, with a single main form, mural fountains to be placed against the walls but also fountains that can be incorporated within plant elements, or fountains with seats, which in summer can become real relaxation areas. On request it is then possible to find ready-made copies or even to make customized copies of the most famous artistic fountains,

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