Furnish the garden

The choice of materials

The materials for decorating the garden must be chosen taking into account the style of the house: wood, teak and wrought iron are ideal for country houses or old-style houses; they guarantee solutions with a sure aesthetic effect but are more expensive and require a lot of maintenance, especially in particularly unstable climatic conditions. For more modern homes it is better to use the cheaper plastic, which also requires less attention and care in maintenance; moreover, plastic furniture is much lighter and therefore easier to move. An alternative solution can be represented by wicker furniture: light and durable, it easily combines with different styles; wicker furniture can be cleaned with special waxes, easy to find on the market and at very affordable prices.

The ideal furniture for decorating the garden

The choice of garden furniture is very wide; it depends on the style of your home and the economic availability, but guarantees a very wide range of solutions, suitable to meet everyone’s needs: sofas and armchairs in various materials and fabrics, hammocks, sun loungers, deck chairs and umbrellas, for your moments of rest and tranquility; chairs, tables and gazebos to create the ideal space for lunches and dinners with friends. Pergolas, on the other hand, allow you to enhance climbing plants such as ivy and bougainvillea, creating pleasant shaded areas where you can take refuge on the hottest days. Planters and vases scenically complete the garden furniture: those in terracotta are usually the most used, being a material that is not too expensive and easily available,

Fountains and water games

A highly effective ornament for your garden is represented by fountains, available on the market in different materials: stone, concrete, terracotta, granite, resin, porcelain, ceramic. The models are also very diversified, depending on whether the fountain is used more practical and functional or more scenographic: in the latter case, fountains with particular effects (such as “cascade”) or reproducing water features are preferred. The character of continuous movement and transformation of the vital element of water can be used in ever different and spectacular ways in garden fountains: through a system of pipes and nozzles, which is developed by contacting specialized companies, the water explodes merrily in jets, waterfalls, streams, which are a pleasure for the sight and for the

Furnishing the garden: The importance of lighting

When evening falls, your garden can continue to be a pleasant space to live, with the right lighting: street lamps, spotlights, LED lamps always guarantee a remarkable effect, if positioned in a careful and scenographic way. Also in this case the market offers many solutions, for everyone’s pockets and needs: for those looking for cheaper light sources, there are solar and LED lamps; just those led often have lights of different colors, particularly suitable for creating a soft atmosphere. The spotlights, on the other hand, are ideal for delineating real paths: for this purpose they can be mounted on the ground, emitting light from the bottom up, thus creating a real luminous trail that will accompany your passage.

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