Gallo segnavento

Weather rooster story

As we have already said, its origin is from the Hellenic period around 48 BC by the astronomer Andronicus. In ancient times the winds were attributed with divine powers, in fact the first timepieces instead of having the shape of a rooster depicted exclusively the gods of the winds and often decorated the homes of wealthy people. A different use was made by populations of Scandinavian origin who placed it on ships, on exploratory voyages, and on churches. In the 9th century, by order of the Pope, one was mounted on every church in Europe as a reminder of what Jesus said to Peter in the episode of his betrayal. The weather vane had a great diffusion during the 700 in the United States and in England in the Victorian period.

The weather vents are structures that are particularly resistant to atmospheric agents, so materials such as copper, treated steel and plastic must be used for their construction. To make one it is necessary to make a shape of the animal and use a material that is resistant even to strong gusts of wind. The choice of dimensions, like those of the materials used, depends very much on the position it will have to occupy, that is, whether it should be placed on top of the roof or in our garden as a piece of furniture. Furthermore, maintenance is reduced to a minimum if not any cleaning as regards the cockerels to be placed in the garden. When positioning our wind vane we must, of course, also take into account the consistency of the ground.

Wind vane costs

The costs necessary for the construction of a wind vane are varied and vary according to the type of material and the size of the object made. Furthermore, the price variation can be determined by the fact of contacting a craftsman or not for the realization of the weather cock. The purchase made on the internet includes the same guarantees as a purchase made from any retailer. Furthermore, the right of withdrawal can be exercised if the object does not correspond to the one ordered or has obvious defects. In any case, installation is the responsibility of the customer and fixing must be carried out in compliance with all safety regulations in force. With the do-it-yourself you can make a wind vane, buying only the material.

Rooster weather vane: Gift rooster weather vane

Over time, garden and outdoor furniture has become an increasingly important element. The garden has in fact become a refuge in the green that each of us cannot live in our own cities, often more and more chaotic and not very generous as regards the green islands. So decorating the garden is becoming a pleasure for the mind and also a source of relaxation. Even some very small details can be a distinguishable element and a style such as the wind vane. It could be a welcome gift to receive one especially if the furniture of our garden is oriented towards a rustic style, with references to the world of the countryside. In fact, its function today is purely aesthetic rather than functional.

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