Garden accessories

The garden-lounge

Each garden can be transformed into a delightful outdoor living room to be dedicated to pleasant chats with friends, to relaxing breaks in which to sip a tea or a coffee, to lunches and dinners with friends: just choose the right furniture and arrange them in harmony with the surrounding space. It is certainly not a difficult undertaking considering the wide range of tables, chairs, armchairs, in the most diverse materials and at more or less contained prices. Wooden tables and chairs are perfect for a country garden; wrought iron always ensures an elegant and refined effect; not to be underestimated, however, also the cheapest plastic furniture, easy to transport and wash. Wicker armchairs and tables will give the space a particular touch of grace and lightness. Swings or hammocks will complete the decor of the garden,

Summer garden accessories

The garden is a space to live especially in spring and summer, during the day and in the evening. When temperatures rise and the heat risks becoming excessive, it is essential to create pleasant shaded areas in the garden, with the help of the right accessories and furnishing accessories. Gazebos and pergolas are ideal if we have a lot of space available: moreover, combined with climbing plants such as ivy or bougainvillea, they have a great decorative impact. Even the classic umbrellas help us protect ourselves from the summer heat: they can be mounted in the center of the table or, equipped with a special platform, positioned where we want to create cool and shade. The fountains and garden tubs give a pleasant feeling of coolness: they are available in various models and materials, such as cast iron and stone,

Garden lights

The garden accessories naturally also include those reserved for lighting: the right light sources make our garden an environment with a suggestive atmosphere, to be experienced even in the evening. Better to avoid bright lights: they could in fact be a bit annoying and compromise the sense of rest; green light instead to spotlights and LED lamps, discreet in lighting and advantageous in price: on the market there are many colored LED lights, to be placed among the bushes or near the flowers, so as to enhance their beauty even in the dark. If there are trees with low branches in the garden, we can suspend pretty lanterns, available in various materials and in creative and imaginative shapes: the Japanese ones, now inevitable in Zen gardens, add an exotic and magical touch.

Pots and planters

What makes every garden a special place are above all the flowers and plants that populate it: it is also important for them to choose the most suitable accessories, such as planters or vases. The dimensions always depend on those of the available space: low and wide terracotta planters harmonize well with large gardens and can accommodate different floral species, so as to create spectacular and colorful compositions. If adding color to the garden is our main goal, just buy cheerful ceramic vases, with bright colors: the most creative can also have fun coloring and decorating the vases according to their taste, using specific pigments, resistant to atmospheric agents. Even small pots are very decorative garden accessories and also in this case the field of ‘do it yourself’

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