Garden barbecue

Garden barbecue

Once the location has been chosen taking into account the information indicated above, there are various types of garden barbecues on the market: coal or lava stone, gas and even electric ones. There are fixed ones in masonry, stone, brick or mobile ones placed on a portable structure with wheels and screen cover with relative thermostat and all are equipped with grids of various sizes and measures. Charcoal barbecues have a brazier in which wood or charcoal is placed. In the gas ones, the brazier consists of a plate heated by a flame as if it were a gas stove. In the electric ones, the food is cooked by the heat generated by one or more resistances always placed under the grill. There are also variants with a rotisserie station and pizza ovens.

Masonry garden barbecue

Masonry barbecues will be distinguished according to their cost and are usually prefabricated. The low-end or economic ones range from 70 to 100 euros, they are small in size with an unattractive but functional aesthetic. They are usually barbecues made of foam concrete consisting of a single area for cooking food, powered by charcoal or wood and an area under the hob used for storing utensils. The area available for cooking ranges from 50 cm in width to 30 in depth. The more the areas and dimensions increase, the more we go up in price up to brick barbecues that can reach over 500-600 euros. They are also equipped with a station for the manual or electric rotisserie and a closing oven as if it were a real oven in a pizzeria,

Gas garden barbecue

Gas barbecues are mainly used for people who do not like the taste of charcoal on food or do not want to wait for relative downtime until it becomes embers. With those with gas, on the other hand, it is enough to use lava stones or even vegetable charcoal but by heating them with gas the embers waiting time is quickly reduced. They are all equipped with a lid with a thermostat, which means both wind coverage and more homogeneous cooking. These barbecues are small / medium in size and are mobile, with support bases to the right and / or left of the hob and usually have wheels to be moved easily. All this is then accompanied by a connection for the gas cylinder with knobs and relative gas lighter as if it were a real home kitchen.

Garden barbecue: Electric garden barbecue

Electric garden barbecues have the advantage of being the easiest to use and transport, in fact, for a perfect barbecue you just need an electric socket and of course good meat. Once turned on, you only have to wait for the time for the resistances to heat up and that’s it. They usually have one or more knobs divided into sectors for adjusting the temperature of the heating elements and thus allow you to cook with the same precision as cooking in masonry or gas barbecues. Prices change according to the size and maximum electric power of the barbecue expressed in Kw. The internal electronics are designed to resist bad weather and humidity and are almost all equipped with a lid for uniform cooking of food.

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