Garden chairs

Garden chairs

Furnishing a garden, a terrace, or in any case an available outdoor space, is always easier. On the market there are many solutions suitable to satisfy every desire. Comfortable lounges to spend pleasant moments in the company of friends and relatives. Tables and chairs for the garden to have meals in the open air and enjoy the warmth of the beautiful summer days. Of course the furniture must be chosen with care, possibly combined with the style of the interior of the house, to create a pleasant continuity. It is advisable to prefer materials that are easy to maintain, practical, not excessively sophisticated and in colors that match the surrounding landscape. In seaside or lake resorts, areas, for the most part chosen to spend the summer holidays, warm and sunny, you can use white or colored garden chairs, in a classic or modern style. The white furniture, ideal for very bright environments, lends itself as a basis for colored furnishing accessories, objects, cushions, canvases. The colors, in particular the shades of blue, yellow, orange, help to make the environment more cheerful and bright.

Garden chairs in wood

Whether for indoor or outdoor, wooden furniture helps to give the environment a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Garden chairs, benches, sofas, tables and wooden furnishing accessories, as well as being beautiful, are also ecological. The production is flexible, it allows to produce customized elements for the customer, with high quality characteristics. Wood is a natural element and integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment, it has multiple advantages, it is long-lasting and when it is deteriorated it can be burned, with low disposal costs. The wooden garden chairs can be chosen in various colors in relation to the quality of the wood used. The costs are different. The finest wood is solid wood, preferred for heavier, fixed, more carefully crafted garden furniture. For greater resistance to atmospheric agents, solid wood is subjected to special treatments. A naturally weather-resistant wood is teak, which is very oily and therefore water-repellent. Cheaper garden furniture is made of chipboard or plywood. They are lighter and easily perishable.

Plastic garden chairs

Among the various materials used to make chairs and garden furniture, plastic is the most used. Plastic is a very economical, lightweight, weatherproof and easy to maintain material. The plastic garden chairs are handy, easy to move, adapt to any environment, and made in various colors. The plastic garden chairs range from the most classic, stackable shapes (a feature especially appreciated in the winter season, when they must be stored away from the elements) to the more sophisticated, unique design pieces. However, plastic can also have different shapes, such as rattam, a synthetic resin used to create pleasant garden lounges, embellished with comfortable cushions. In any case, the costs are not excessive and within everyone’s reach. Garden furniture in plastic or synthetic resin can be easily found in specialized gardening shops and large-scale retailers. In some periods of the year, especially during the sales, it is possible to buy garden lounges at reasonable prices.

Metal garden chairs

Wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron are the most commonly used materials for garden furniture. They are materials resistant to wear over time. Some, such as iron, must be properly treated with anti-rust, but have the advantage of being very solid. Wrought iron garden furniture integrates harmoniously in environments characterized by very different environmental conditions. Wrought iron is not a precious material, but since ancient times very good blacksmiths have created valuable artistic forms, which can be admired in many gardens of ancient residences scattered throughout the Italian territory. More modern and lighter are the aluminum garden chairs, very resistant, they do not rust. They can be left at open air even in the winter season and require little maintenance. Metal is used both alone and combined with wood, marble, natural stone. Prices vary a lot and are determined by the complexity of the processing. Handcrafted garden furniture is certainly more expensive than mass-produced ones by large companies.

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