Garden covers

Garden covers: canopies

The most common garden coverings are canopies. They are covers that fully satisfy their functionality if used for balconies or terraces. They can be an excellent solution to cover the part immediately adjacent to the front door, or to cover the upper part of the balconies. In this way you can have shelter from external precipitation and any bad weather. The materials to be used are different: wood guarantees excellent results and is also very elegant. Hybrid structures are the most suitable if you want to incorporate different characteristics in a single product: the strength of steel combined with the beauty of wood. In addition, you can think of the coating using paint or other materials.

Garden covers: gazebo

Gazebos are very popular garden covers , especially if you have the possibility of having a large outdoor space. It is an excellent solution for the creation of a covered sitting area placed outside. The most used structure is quadrangular, but it is also possible to make it rectangular or circular. In this case, it is advisable to use hybrid structures, that is characterized by the union of different materials. In particular, steel is particularly suitable for the construction of the supporting structure. Finally, it must be remembered that the gazebo can be entirely covered with a cloth or covered only at the top. The interior can be furnished according to personal tastes and needs.

Garden covers: parking space

The garden covers are also an excellent solution for parking arranged externally. In this case, it is possible to create fully covered boxes both laterally and above, or simply to create canopies open on all four sides. The parking space in the garden must be easily accessible from the road and free from any intermediate obstacles. We recommend the use of a particularly resistant material, which is not damaged in dangerous conditions, such as steel. If desired, however, it is possible to make the roof in wood, an easily workable and modular material. Ensure good maintenance for the roof made and do not neglect an initial part of the design of the work.

Garden covers: pool covers

Those who have a swimming pool arranged outside, can think of a garden cover to be able to use it even on days that are not particularly hot or in winter. In this case, the ideal would be to create a structure entirely in glass, which can allow you to maintain contact with the external environment but at the same time isolate the space from it. Furthermore, the ideal is to create a structure that can be opened when desired: the latter solution is certainly more expensive from an economic point of view, but the most satisfactory in terms of functionality. In addition, ensure a covered space for any sun loungers and pool tables, so that you can enjoy your environment to the fullest.

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