Garden creation

The choice of plants and flowers

When creating gardens, the choice of plants and flowers depends on many factors. If the space available is very large, we have a wide range of solutions to choose from; if, on the other hand, the garden is small, it is better not to plant too many floral species or to choose excessively bulky plants to avoid a saturation and suffocation effect. Even the climate, exposure to sunlight and the type of soil are elements that should not be underestimated, as well as the aesthetic aspect: you can choose flowers with bright or delicate colors, but to always be combined taking into account the chromatic harmony. Pergolas with climbing plants or bougainvillea help to create that effect of pleasant coolness, indispensable in the hottest periods of the year.

The ideal furniture in the creation of gardens

The type of furniture depends on the use we intend to make of our garden, on economic needs and obviously on personal tastes. Chairs, armchairs, tables are commercially available in different materials: from the cheapest plastic to wood, ideal for country houses, to wrought iron, more expensive and elegant. Wicker chairs and armchairs are also very popular, a material that blends in well with the surrounding environment, is economical and does not require too much maintenance. Gazebos and pergolas help to create pleasant shaded areas, where you can organize lunches, dinners and chats with friends. The hammocks as well constitute an almost indispensable garden furniture: in addition to adding a touch of the exotic, they pleasantly cradle our moments of reading and rest.

The lighting

The garden can become an even more suggestive place thanks to the right lighting: if it is large and includes paths, you can use path marker spotlights, to be mounted on the ground, with diffusion of light from the bottom upwards, which will accompany our passage and that of our guests as a discreet light guide. The spotlights can also be partially hidden in hedges or bushes while colored LED lamps will enhance the lighting of the flowers; LED lights are becoming increasingly popular because they are economical, durable and not too strong, therefore suitable for guaranteeing a pleasant soft atmosphere. The lanterns always add a further touch of suggestion, not to mention that they are very simple to manufacture (the web is full of advice in this regard).

Garden creation: Garden ornaments

The decorations on the market for the creation of gardens are many: stones are always among the preferred solutions because they harmonize well with the surrounding environment, are precious in the delimitation of flower beds and resistant to bad weather; we can also color them according to our imagination with special pigments that do not discolour in the sun or rain. Terracotta pots and planters or the characteristic garden dwarfs, also often in terracotta or plastic, are among the most popular ornaments, while pinwheels, available on the market in very imaginative solutions, add color and dynamism to the garden. The fountains, in stone, cast iron or marble, give our green spaces a pleasant sound accompaniment: flowing water, linked to the renewal of life in nature,

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