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Garden furniture: the timeless simplicity of wood

The wooden garden furniture is recommended for decorating a country house or in a country style; it is a widely used material for outdoor furniture as nowadays it can be found in many colors, themes and finishes, adapting perfectly to existing furniture both inside and outside the home. The wooden furniture itself is very resistant, but to make it last a long time while keeping its beauty intact, it is necessary to pay different attention to it, especially during the winter when the garden is used less, during which it is advisable to place the furniture indoors. , away from humidity. A typical wood garden furniture consists of a chest or a sofa with large colored cushions placed in front of a table with simple lines, perhaps created with their own hands using an old pallet, all topped by a large wooden umbrella to shelter from excessive heat; if the garden is large and allows it, you can create a relaxation corner bordered by a wooden gazebo partly covered with a climbing plant.

garden furniture: the light and resistant wicker

A garden furniture that adapts well to different styles is wicker furniture. Furnishing the garden with this material has many advantages, in fact, depending on the type of fabric chosen for the padding, you can go from a rustic style to a modern one; it is a very light material that can be easily moved if necessary to make room for friends or to compose a furniture that is always different; finally, it is a material that keeps well over time, especially if you take care of it by periodically passing it a special wax and moving it indoors in case of storms and bad weather. A garden furnished with wicker furniture remains simple to the eye but very chic, in fact you can compose a pleasant living room with a sofa and one or two armchairs or a characteristic rocking chair and a coffee table positioned in the center,

garden furniture: the resistant wrought iron

Very resistant and adaptable to many styles, wrought iron is one of the most used garden furniture; treated periodically to avoid rust, the wrought iron outdoor furniture is very resistant to various temperatures and rain; they also adapt to both a rustic and a more chic environment and is ideal if you want to decorate your home with one of the most popular styles of the moment: shabby chic. Black, cream, gunmetal gray or white, with curls and grooves or simple and smooth, with colored cushions or delicate pastel shades, wrought iron leaves a lot of space for your own imagination and taste, enriching every garden with tables, chairs , armchairs and beds, as well as numerous small furnishing objects such as lanterns,

Garden furniture: garden furniture: the innovative and colorful polyethylene

Polyethylene is an innovative material that is making more and more space in the home gardens and in the various open spaces. It is a very ductile material that allows it to be worked in many shapes and colors; suitable for garden furniture in the most modern houses and which does not require any care, as it resists various temperatures and various atmospheric agents and whose cleaning simply requires water and a sponge. The garden furniture of this material are infinite and can be of the strangest shapes or with the simplest lines; usually the seats of armchairs, chairs and sofas are anatomical, so they do not need cushions, which can be added to your liking to add color. A garden furnished with polyethylene objects can contain sofas, armchairs,

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