Garden facilities

Garden and relaxation

The garden attached to one’s home is an inestimable fortune nowadays; considering that so many people dream and make an enormous series of sacrifices in order to one day afford a garden, whoever owns it has the duty to exploit it as best they can. After all, this is something that cannot fail to work in its favor, as the garden is now considered one of the things that most help to withstand the stressful rhythms of modern life; just think of how useful it can be to return from work in the evening (or at least from a busy day) and be able to have our own place, rich in natural oxygen, with the classic colors and scents of the plants we love most, close to home, where you can relax without having the slightest disturbance and without the thought of having to go home … because we are at home! Not by chance, who owns a garden does nothing but enhance its enormous qualities around, but not by talking, but by exhibiting a smile and a relaxation that would be the envy of who knows which oriental saint. Today the mind has a fundamental role because it is the most stressed part of our body, so it must be taken care of and made to rest and relax, freeing it from negative thoughts; this is admirably done by the garden, capable of doing it like few others.

Garden care

In order for a garden to perform so well the important functions that we have just attributed to it, it must be well cared for and well prepared. As for the setting, we will talk about it later, while now we deal with the care and maintenance of the garden itself; let’s analyze these two words. «Care» is very good to guess the kind of feeling that must bind us to the garden, that is a very close feeling as if we were taking care of a part of us; instead «maintenance» makes us understand the type of work to be performed: an almost daily job, made up of small adjustments, some adjustments and the garden will be in full shape. We strongly advise against neglecting the garden for a certain period and then wanting to fix it all of a sudden; by doing so we will only stress ourselves more, eliminating much of the pleasure of owning a garden that also involves engaging the mind and body to take care of it and keep it at its peak. That said, the most classic operations to be performed in the garden are light ticks on the branches or leaves that pop out too far and spoil the overview, a sprinkling of the earth in case it has accumulated in one place or slightly depressed, the removal of leaves and dry branches with small gestures.

Garden set-up

Even before taking care of the garden, as we said before, there is another important operation to do: setting up the garden. This is a vital step in the light of what we ask of the garden: no garden can guarantee to relax and put ourselves at ease if it does not fully match our aesthetic tastes and the practical needs we have; of course, we will be able to adapt, but the effect will always be veiled and never full. To set up a garden in the best possible way, all we have to do is draw on our common sense; we assure you that nothing else is needed for the construction of a garden! Really, neither a degree nor experiences with Hollywood stars like so many garden designers boast just to tap mind-boggling fees; the thing we most recommend is to sit at a table with the rest of your family, pen and paper in hand and try to write down the ideas, needs and requests that everyone has. The next step is just to try to coordinate and group them, thinking of erasing the superfluous, the useless, the too expensive or what is objectively impossible to obtain.

Garden facilities

In a self-respecting garden, full concentricity of functionality and aesthetics must always be guaranteed; in fact, a garden that is beautiful but totally uncomfortable to carry on and exploit is completely useless, just as a garden that is perfect like a Swiss clock in its functioning but unpleasant to the eye can leave you dumbfounded and with a bitter taste in your mouth. For this reason, in the garden they try to incorporate garden structures, previously studied and used in other cases, which often aim to offer a service with an absolutely not negligible aesthetic. An example could be pergolas: they are typical garden furnishings that allow you to divide separate areas of the garden with the creation of open-air rooms that are very comfortable to exploit, built in precious woods and worked so as to be pleasing to the eye. Other classy additions are the ornamental fences: many of these garden structures manage to divide the garden from public property or anyway from other properties with that touch of elegance that neither weighs nor thinks that they are fences, very often because decorated and embellished with flower pots or climbing plants suitable for naturalizing everything, absolutely to try and verify the result.

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