Garden fences

Wooden fences

Despite the continuous search for materials with unsurpassed performance, wood remains a cornerstone in furnishing and in the structuring of outdoor spaces. Elegant and natural, wooden fences can only be still today full of charm and give the garden a romantic and refined atmosphere, minimizing the insertion of artificial elements. The wooden fences can have extremely different characteristics: they range from the traditional fences, low and with a predominantly decorative and delimiting function, up to the large elaborate panels that protect by blocking the view from the outside and therefore also guaranteeing maximum privacy. The choice of the type of fence will therefore be linked to your needs and the characteristics required by the space, also taking into account the properties of wood. Being a natural material, in fact, it must be carefully treated in order to be made resistant to exposure to humidity and to prevent it from rotting. Over the years, the wooden fence may require intervention for some maintenance operations: it is better to periodically check the structure, in order to guarantee maximum resistance and to be able to intervene in a timely manner in case of need.

Metal fences

Functional and extremely resistant, metal fences are among the most popular precisely because they are able to guarantee the maximum solidity of the structure and a considerable duration over time. It is possible to opt for galvanized metals, steel, aluminum, iron: each of them will allow you to create a fence with different aesthetic and practical characteristics, so it is good to inquire carefully about every detail before purchasing. Among the various types of metal fences, the one able to guarantee the maximum possibility of artistic variety is iron, and in particular wrought iron: its malleability during processing allows it to be forged into any shape and give life to the more elaborate details, tailor-made for the customer and according to a design that he may have presented, for a completely unique and personal fence. However, iron requires some attention from the point of view of maintenance, as it could present the onset of rust if not carefully treated. On the other hand, steel and aluminum fences do not require particular maintenance, which in any case allow both to create simple and functional structures and panels with a more marked decorative taste.

Plastic fences

An economic alternative to traditional fences is constituted by plastic fences: they allow you to obtain maximum privacy and the delimitation of the property with limited expense through a structure that, depending on the needs, can also be easily removed or moved. This type of fence is made by placing a support net on the ground for plastic slats which, placed one next to the other, will still allow the light to filter through, to the advantage of internal crops, while at the same time precluding the view from the outside and thus ensuring maximum privacy for those who want to spend time in their garden in total relaxation. Plastic is a material of maximum resistance and able to withstand prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents without being damaged and without requiring special maintenance and care. The fence can have variegated colors, even if it is usually preferred to maintain neutral colors, such as gray, or green and brown that recall the natural elements present in the garden. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for slats that recall the grain of the wood, for an even more natural look.

Garden fences: Stone, concrete or masonry fences

Less common but still particularly suggestive are the fences made of stone, which exploit the beauty and resistance of a natural element to give life to a structure capable of guaranteeing maximum privacy. The stone or masonry fences have particular charm and can be made using stones and marbles already present in the area, for a harmonious insertion into the surrounding environment, or search for specific types that can bring out the whole house. Masonry fences are those able to guarantee maximum privacy and create a real barrier able to protect the home from any attempt of intrusion: the bricks can be left exposed for a more rustic look. The concrete fences, on the other hand,

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