Garden fireplaces

The garden fireplaces

Among the outdoor furniture that can be used to make our garden comfortable and complete we find the garden fireplaces. Initially conceived for the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants, over time they have been adapted to the residential context: in fact, they are ideal for cooking food for outdoor dinners and lunches without our home being filled with fumes and vapors. kind. Several companies, therefore, have included in recent years various models of garden fireplaces in their catalogs, designed to meet the different needs of customers. They are generally gas fireplaces, more comfortable to use and easier to clean and manage. Furthermore, they are equipped with safety sensors, programmed to interrupt the gas supply if anomalies occur in the functioning of the chimney. They are also sensitive to the environment,

Modular and unique fireplaces

There are several models of garden fireplaces. Normally they consist of a barbecue and a wood-burning oven, handcrafted or by directly buying a prefabricated outdoor fireplace (to be assembled or unique) from a specialized company. In the case of the modules to be assembled, the fireplace is composed of the base with a compartment for the wood and the real fireplace (including the hearth, flue, chimney and roof). Ultimately, its appearance resembles that of a small house with a chimney. Furthermore, the fireplace can be completed with accessories (for example work surfaces and countertops) to make it more convenient to use and maintain. In addition, it can be fitted with hinged doors or sliding doors to close the mouth of the hearth and keep the heat in the

Wall-mounted, transportable garden fireplaces in masonry

There are several models of masonry garden fireplaces made with refractory bricks, resistant to severe thermal changes and high temperatures (up to 1,300 degrees centigrade). These fireplaces consist of a brick or masonry hood and are equipped with a grill, for optimal cooking of food and an ash container. The more recent models are also equipped with a steel firebox, closed by a fireproof door in tempered glass. Other variants of outdoor fireplaces are powered by LPG: these models do not require a flue and are equipped with a compartment to house the cylinder. Other versions provide for a bioethanol power supply or wall installation (in this case the fireplace has a particular curved and sinuous shape). Finally,

The maintenance

The garden fireplaces that require more maintenance are wood-burning ones: in fact, every time they are used, the ash and embers must be removed. In addition, the flue must be cleaned periodically. In any case, you must avoid feeding the fire with resinous wood or that is not completely dry and well seasoned. Preferably, a so-called “strong wood” should be used to obtain a modest fire, and therefore a gradual but lasting heat; otherwise, it is advisable to choose a “soft wood” to have a high flame and fast heating but less prolonged over time. Fireplaces fueled with LPG, natural gas and bioethanol, on the other hand, require less maintenance and can also be moved (in this case they are equipped with wheels).

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