Garden flower beds

The garden as an extension of the home: furnishing solutions

Garden beds with attention to detail, fine finishes and original details make the green area a place capable of giving an extra value to every home. But which furniture to choose? First of all, before purchasing the furnishing elements, it is necessary to choose the style that best suits the type of home of which the garden is a natural extension. In the gardens of country houses, for example, it is preferable to choose furniture in wood or wrought iron, on the contrary, for modern houses you can opt for materials such as plastic and polyethylene. Particular attention, then, must be made in choosing the type of lighting: in addition to floor spotlights, in fact, it is possible to opt for suggestive elements such as pendant lamps or vases and lighted bodies.

Design of garden beds: the tailor-made garden

Transforming the outdoor space into a functional garden, original and unique in its style is possible, but to obtain an excellent result you need a good project. In fact, designing a garden is an operation that requires particular attention to the needs and preferences of the customer as well as to the specific characteristics of the garden. Plants, for example, must be chosen based on the climatic zone in which the garden is located, the types of garden beds must be selected according to criteria of balance and homogeneity, lighting systems, irrigation systems, flooring and finally, the furnishings must be carefully chosen in order to guarantee the perfect success of the project. Only with careful planning, in fact,

Which flowers to choose?

Garden flower beds are a very important element of the green area pertaining to the home and, for this reason, before proceeding with the choice of the type of flowers it is necessary to make a thorough reflection on some variables. Understanding which flowers are most suitable for the soil that will host the flower beds and paying particular attention to the sun exposure of the same, for example, are two necessary conditions in order not to make mistakes. As regards, however, the purely aesthetic aspects of the flower beds, in general you can choose between a harmonious variant with a few colors all of the same shade and a much more sparkling variant with contrasting shades. Anyhow,

Garden beds: How to choose the shape and type of garden beds?

The choice of garden flower beds must necessarily depend on their functionality within the garden. The flower beds, in fact, being elements intended to delimit the various areas of the garden, must be designed only following the identification of the spaces in which it will be divided. It is also essential to take into account the other types of plants already present in the garden in order to avoid the proximity of the flower beds with plants with deep roots that could compromise their growth. With regard, then, to the shape and type of flower beds, for small green areas it is recommended to choose asymmetrical and irregular shapes and flowers with well-defined colors, while for large gardens, symmetrical shapes and delicate plants are preferred. elegant.

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