Garden furniture

Garden and furniture: a difficult but not impossible combination

A recent survey found that at the top of the list of dreams to be realized regarding the house, Italians put the possibility of having a garden to be able to spend part of their free time. This desire, already great in itself, increases with the arrival of the beautiful days. The garden, on the other hand, can represent not only a good way to relax but also a way to get out of the ordinary and sedentary daily life, often made up of days spent in front of the television. Taking care of a garden does not only mean taking care of the plants and flowers that populate it but also and above all furnishing it by purchasing garden furniture. Flowers and plants are not enough, in fact to give that idea of ​​charm and elegance that often, however, is obtained thanks to a furniture designed with style and imagination.

Garden furniture that meets your needs

The first step in decorating a garden is to establish what needs to be met. Do you often host friends for dinner? Then it will be necessary to organize a covered space where to place a large table. Is it usual to spend the afternoons reading books while sipping a good tea? Then a nice outdoor living room is the one for you. As far as the table is concerned, the choice of material is important. In fact, it is important to keep in mind that outdoor furniture will be subject to atmospheric agents. Even if the quality of some products is now very high, choosing a wooden table will mean being aware of having to keep it well repaired. If you want to be on the safe side, focus on materials such as aluminum, steel and poly rattan. The latter represents a perfect compromise,

Garden furniture: the living room, the space of the soul

There is no better way to amaze your guests than by creating a small outdoor lounge where you can offer a good aperitif. We have said, in fact, that the garden should not only be a place for gardening and fatigue but also an escape space from everyday stress. Going into more detail, as far as the living room is concerned, the choice is not very wide. It is a question of creating, in fact, a simple environment sheltered from the sun and perhaps surrounded by plants in order to create a little privacy. However, it is possible to increase its charm by giving a personal touch with colored cushions, which will help to give your garden furniture an extra pinch of character and style. Finally, the installation of a real outdoor bar corner where you can serve a cool cocktail on hot days is not to be excluded.

Garden furniture: Other garden furniture that cannot be missing

In addition to the classic sitting area and the classic table, the outdoor furniture offers a great variety of garden furniture. If you love being alone in privacy, a fence is what you need. It is the best way to preserve your privacy by limiting a space in your garden only to yourself. The fences can be decorated with colorful flowers and lights. The ideal garden furniture in this case would be a teak bed, a particular very resistant tropical wood. However very pretty can be a very colorful bench. All this can be accompanied by the presence of aromatic herbs that will inebriate your senses, creating a real oasis of peace. The great thing is that this space will require no special maintenance. The more messy it will be, the more it will have charm.

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