Garden furniture

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is no longer to be understood as cheap but anonymous plastic chairs. They can become as important as interior furniture. As with indoor furniture, garden furniture must first and foremost be comfortable: so try the chairs and armchairs before you buy them, sit on them and make sure they are comfortable. There is no point in buying beautiful but not very comfortable furniture, especially if you intend to use it often. Make a porch cozy with a wicker love seat and a wicker rocking chair, both adorned with cushions, and it can become a second living room during the cooler months. One of the latest innovations in terms of garden furniture are outdoor rugs, which are characterized by other because they dry very quickly. An outdoor rug is ideal for extending the comfort of home to open spaces as well.

Ideas for a modern garden

Decide what to do with the garden: if you want to use it for informal barbecue evenings with a few close friends, then a few seats and a dining table will do. If, on the other hand, you intend to make it a place to hold parties and parties by the pool, then comfortable sofas and chaise longues for sunbathing will be better. Of course, you don’t have to be conventional when choosing your furniture. The garden is a place to have fun, but also to relax. Make way for swings and hammocks. If you decide to install a swing, make sure there is a structure to attach it to and that it can hold the weight. If your home is furnished in a modern style then it is advisable that the style of your garden also follows the same line. Even if you choose a modern style, do not deprive yourself of the possibility of decorating your garden furniture with cushions, which can also be placed on the ground to sit on them in the more informal evenings. Even a hearth or wall can be decorated with terracotta or wrought iron elements that would be good for the interior.

English style garden furniture

If you are more classic you can recreate an English style garden with the sense of naturalness and romance that it evokes. Start by identifying 3 or 4 colors to use, including the flowers you intend to grow, to give a sense of continuity with the garden furniture. Making an English-style garden is easier than you might think. The first rule is in fact to be informal. When choosing garden furniture, avoid anything that is too modern and contemporary. Ideal are wicker furniture, adirondack chairs, or woven metal chairs. Furniture doesn’t have to be matched to each other: the end result has to be chic but eclectic. English gardens include structures made from natural materials and with a worn-out appearance, such as weathered wood fences, pergolas and gates to be placed in the middle of the plants. If you can create small paths, make sure that they follow sinuous and soft paths rather than straight and structured lines and choose materials such as stone and paving. Add vintage or retro accessories to decorate your garden.

Japanese style garden

An original idea is to recreate a Japanese-style garden. Traditionally, Japanese gardens do not include furniture, being spiritual havens in which to stroll and enter a state of contemplation. But in a western garden one cannot do without garden furniture. Therefore a compromise must be sought by choosing garden furniture whose styles and materials blend better with the Japanese style. The attention will be focused on nature therefore all artificial elements must imitate or symbolize natural elements. No to geometric shapes and artificial materials. Instead, bamboo, teak and natural stones will be perfect. Always look for simplicity. A bench along the path in the shade of a tree will be a place to relax but will not be out of place. If you want to insert a dining set, select a style with clean lines. The style of the cushions should be as discreet as possible in both shapes and colors. Consider placing the furniture in a confined area by delineating the area with a different flooring or bamboo fence, leaving the rest of the garden separate.

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