Garden furniture

Garden furniture

When buying garden furniture, you must first consider the amount of space available. Fifteen square meters are enough to provide a home for some flowering plants, one or two small trees and to place tables and armchairs, while for larger gardens it is necessary to design a project by dividing the environment into various areas and highlighting paths, paths, flower beds and so on. Street. The streets that cross the garden can be paved with different materials such as concrete, marble, granite, stone and wood or be covered with gravel and crushed stone. Bricks and concrete curbs can delimit the flower beds and the lawn separating them from the walkways while the fences can be made of wood or metal.

Purchase garden furniture

There is no need to spend large sums of money on the purchase of garden furniture. Many retailers offer discounts during certain times of the year and it is not uncommon to come across colossal department store sales. An additional option is offered by the flea markets where it is possible, with a little commitment and patience, to buy interesting pieces in good condition at really affordable prices. When buying used furniture it is still advisable to pay more attention to the quality of the materials rather than their conditions, often only small restoration interventions are enough to recover valuable furniture. The Internet can also be a valuable resource given the growing offer of virtual catalogs and online auctions dedicated to furniture.

Decorative elements in the garden

Do not underestimate the decorative aspect of the garden that can be taken care of thanks to a great variety of elements suitable for any need. In itself, luxuriant and controlled vegetation can give rise to suggestive scenographies but the addition of decorative elements helps to transform a project into a work of art. Water is one of the elements of greatest visual impact; the presence of fountains, ponds, basins, swimming pools and streams in the garden is in fact synonymous with great elegance. Also for this type of garden furniture the offer is considerable, including both industrial and artisanal products. The most impressive trees can also be enhanced by combining them with sculptures and the most precious plants grown in finely decorated pots.

The furniture and the space in the garden

Garden furniture can strengthen the spatial structure by changing its perception. Sometimes with simple tricks such as placing a pergola in the foreground or near the entrance it can make the area of ​​an urban garden appear larger by acting as a visual filter. Similarly, with the presence of a veranda with large windows or even by placing mirrors in certain corners, it is possible to make the garden appear larger than it really is. The benches can attract the eye to a certain point and highlight details or be grouped to circumscribe areas reserved for conversation and relaxation. The possibility of introducing a small greenhouse where you can grow your favorite plant species should not be underestimated.

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