Garden furniture

Garden furniture: how to approach the choice in the right way

First, we must choose outdoor tiles: these must be non-slip, resistant and of a good material. Then, we have to decide where to place our tile path and where to create our corner with table and gazebo. There are many furniture to furnish the garden, such as the aforementioned gazebo. In a garden there can be everything, from a wooden house for tools, to a barbecue, from a deckchair for sunbathing to a very comfortable low bamboo table with coordinated chairs. If we are gardening lovers, we cannot miss the wooden house where to place the lawnmower, the soil, the pots and all the necessary tools. If we don’t have time to build one, just go to a specialized shop, or to a carpenter and ask for a simple but resistant house.

Outdoor furniture: how to choose the barbecue

The garden furniture includes a series of decorative objects, but also some very functional. For the barbecue it is good to first hear if it is possible to install it in your garden without disturbing other people with the fumes caused by wood or coal. There are two types of garden barbecues: the first is the brick one, for which it will take a little time and a little concrete to build it, the other is the camping barbecue, the iron one. To find these two items, you need to go to gardening or DIY stores, or to large supermarkets. If we have a barbecue, the table in the garden cannot be missing for a cheerful lunch in spring and summer. We can also make this outdoor furniture ourselves, with a long table and fairly large and resistant rods, or buy it. For outdoor tables there are numerous materials, wood, plastic, marble, stone and metal.

Garden furniture: gazebo and tables

Among the garden furniture, the tables are very important: the most resistant ones have a metal structure with a marble or stone top. These tables are not only resistant but also wonderful. They can cost from a few hundred euros to more than two thousand. The most elaborate have geometric patterns on the edges of the top that often recall Roman and Greek geometries. For the chairs, we can fall back on excellent and resistant materials, a little expensive, but which will last for a very long time. If you intend to take the table with the iron structure, the ideal chairs are also made of iron, of course we can then use cushions to ensure that the chair is not too rigid. If, on the other hand, we focus on something less expensive, there is wood, or hard plastic. Before buying a gazebo we must take the right measures, if there are trees that the gazebo could cause annoyance it is better to look at what distance we can arrange it. The gazebos are more or less all two to three meters long, two and a half meters high and two meters wide.

Garden furniture: deck chairs and chairs

The garden is the place to relax, sunbathe and grow our plants and flowers. But why lie on the ground with a towel when we can count on the deck chairs? Deckchairs are indispensable when we want to sunbathe in the garden, or lie down on a warm spring day. They exist in many materials, the cheapest ones are those with an iron skeleton and then covered with resistant fabric. They are also very comfortable and can be adjusted as we want. If, on the other hand, we want to focus on something better, we can take those in wood or plastic, such as those of swimming pools. And if we want to be honest, a low table with chairs to have a cup of cold tea in the summer is perfect. Even these tables, with attached chairs, are made of all materials: the most beautiful are in bamboo, a resistant and almost indestructible wood. We can place it under a tree and have both hours in the sun and hours in the shade. Now the garden is practically a small outdoor house.

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