Garden furniture

Garden furniture: tables

The table is an indispensable element to furnish our green spaces, especially for those who love to make their garden an ideal setting for outdoor lunches and dinners. Better to choose strong and weather-resistant materials: wood is one of the best, with a great aesthetic impact, but it needs care and maintenance. In addition to splendid carved wooden tables, there are also folding ones on the market, which are more flexible and cheaper. The resin tables, available in various shapes and colors, are now very present in the furnishing of gardens. Plastic is perhaps the most common material: plastic tables, usually removable, are cheap and easy to clean, perfect for their manageable character especially for holiday homes. Wrought iron deserves a separate discussion: tables made of this material have a refined look; wrought iron processing is a long and demanding process: the price of the tables will therefore be higher on average.

Chairs and armchairs

The argument made for the tables is generally also valid for the chairs, which are an indispensable completion. The watchword is obviously «comfort»: chairs in wood, wrought iron or even in plastic, which are a little uncomfortable and hard, can be softened and enriched by the addition of cushions, whose colors must be chosen in harmony with the vegetation of our garden. To create a real relaxation corner, just find the right armchairs; absolutely perfect those in wicker: harmonious and light, cheap and always well in tune with greenery and flowers; also in this case green light for colored cushions, which can also be scenically arranged at the foot of pretty wicker tables, to be combined if you like with our armchairs.

Gazebo and umbrellas

Especially during the hot summer season it is essential to create pleasant shaded areas in our garden: for this purpose, gazebos and umbrellas come to our aid which, in addition to promoting relaxation even on the hottest days, give the garden a touch of beauty. The most popular gazebos are made of wrought iron, but the wooden ones are also very popular; they can also be easily purchased on the web where it is possible to find numerous offers for used gazebos, which allow you to greatly contain expenses: already extremely scenographic in itself, a gazebo can be further embellished and softened by curtains or creepers. There is also a wide choice for garden umbrellas: there are those with lateral arm and central pole, those with crank opening; as far as color is concerned, it is better to prefer light colors,

Accessories for relaxation

Among the garden furniture there are some elements that contribute to improving our moments of pause and relaxation: the hammocks, available in many solutions and at affordable prices, add a fascinating exotic touch to the garden. Even the swings pleasantly lull the reading of a book and the afternoon rest: in plastic, wood or metal, many swings are on the market already complete with cushions. The fountains, in cast iron, stone or ceramic, thanks to the soothing sound of flowing water, represent the ideal soundtrack for relaxing in the garden. Lighting also plays an important role and allows you to experience our garden even in the evening: scented candles, small LED lights of various colors, lanterns transform the garden almost into a fairy place.

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