Garden furniture

Garden furniture: the simplicity of natural materials

The catalogs that deal with garden furniture show how the favorite material of this type of sector is oriented towards nature, with the intention of becoming one with it. Frequently it happens to see real wicker sitting rooms, left with the natural color of the material or treated with dyes, combined with cushions of various colors, according to taste. The shapes of these garden furniture are for the most part very simple and square, in contrast with the softness of the padding that covers the seats. There are, however, slightly more elaborate examples, ideal for those looking for a more original and lively type of furniture. The sitting rooms in question are always matched in every part: from the armchair to the sofa, from the pouf to the coffee table,

The victory medal among garden furniture goes to white

If the structures of the garden furniture range from lighter colors to darker shades, the same cannot be said of the cushions that match them. Despite the presence on the garden furniture market of some color combinations that see darker shades, the color that is certainly the most popular is white, in its shades of ivory, cream and beige. The choice of a light color, in fact, is particularly suitable for the outdoors, since white is able to absorb and reflect a greater amount of light. The result is a garden with radiant furniture, in which the sun seems to be reflected and spread evenly in the surrounding space. Furthermore, white

Relax in the shade: the solution is called a gazebo

In addition to the more traditional garden furniture, in any catalog of garden furniture there is a section dedicated to the structures that serve to guarantee a small area of ​​shade compared to the large sunny surface in which to set up your garden. There are different types of gazebos. In view of the use of natural materials, the one made entirely of wood is ideal, perhaps embellished with some grating placed at the corners, on which to climb a plant with colored and fragrant flowers. Very often this type of gazebo is characterized by a wooden pruning structure and a lighter cover, in plastic or canvas. Alternatively, there are also gazebos, always in canvas, on a single foot, which open with mechanized or manual mechanisms.

Comfort and beauty in the garden: the hammock and the swing

A last but not least element that, in a relaxing and even a little sophisticated atmosphere, cannot be missing among the garden furniture is the hammock. When we talk about this «cradle» we often think of the system by which it is fixed to two trees close to each other. Yet the garden furniture sector has also made progress in this field: there are, in fact, many models of hammocks, from the simplest to the most particular in shape and structure. The rocking chair has become a real pearl of exterior design, as well as an element particularly desired by those who love to relax or take a nap in the shade of the trees that they have left to grow in their garden. For lovers of tradition, however, a piece of furniture with similar functions, but with a decidedly more classic shape is the rocking chair,

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