Garden furniture

Garden furniture: what to choose

When we talk about the garden it is natural to think of relaxation, immersion in nature and its scents and feel the warmth, lying comfortably or drinking an aperitif. But how to enjoy all this without having adequate and comfortable garden furniture? The great variety of furnishing accessories on the market allows us to choose from many useful and comfortable items and others that are more futile and decorative. The choice of elements is based on the space we have available, the expected budget and the style to be adopted. What we can consider essential, when the size to be furnished is minimal, is a table and two chairs that will allow us to spend a few hours of the day outdoors. If the area is larger we should consider buying a two-seater sofa or a couple of armchairs: they will make our days more pleasant and comfortable. Absolutely not to forget a lighting system, possibly soft, using candles or lanterns and, where possible, real lamps, to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, which you can wrap yourself in when returning from work or on hot summer nights.

Based on what to choose the garden furniture

The purchase of garden furniture accessories must be studied in detail so that the space is not overloaded and the environment is tidy and organized. It is essential to keep in mind the size of the external environment that you intend to furnish, the style inside the house, the essential elements that will have to be purchased, the pre-established budget, the location of the garden and the climatic zone in which it is located. Being able to identify all these elements would allow us to make the most of this green corner, making it even more attractive, for example a garden in a climatic zone rich in rainfall. In this case it would be advisable to purchase outdoor furniture accessories that cannot be easily damaged by atmospheric agents, but withstand all bad weather. The style present in the interiors must always be taken into consideration.Remember, in fact, that our green corner represents an extension of our home, which is why it must reflect a type of furniture similar to that of the interiors.

What are the most used materials to decorate a garden

The outdoor furniture accessories are distinguished by the great variety of materials used for their manufacture, ranging from classic wicker to rattan, from plastic to teak, wrought iron and so on. In general, all these materials are suitable for use. used in the garden, but there are some basic differences that characterize them. Plastic, for example, is widely used in homes with a purely modern design. Easy to move, because it is a particularly light product, it is not ideal for areas where the wind often blows. Wicker adapts to any type of environment. Lightweight, elegant, easy to maintain (by applying wax from time to time) it gives a touch of harmony, especially since it must always be combined with colored cushions or not. Rattan possesses the same characteristics. Wrought iron is a particular product. Heavier than other materials, it is recommended for any type of garden, but mainly for a house with a classic style. Teak: refined, elegant, young, modern, is able to give a natural look to the environment in which it is exhibited.

Lighting and accessories for garden furniture

The garden furniture also includes the lighting and the various decorations which can be accessorized.The ideal light would be a soft, very soft light that creates the right atmosphere to be able to relax and spend beautiful evenings.Fantastic floor lamps , if you have a large space and table ones, while transmitting a slightly more romantic atmosphere, lanterns, hanging lamps and the much appreciated candles. But the lighting necessary to be able to move freely around the whole garden and in the driveway must also be included, that is, that generated by spotlights, lanterns, light points, floor lamps, which indicate how to be able to move in complete safety. A garden wouldn’t be all that attractive without outdoor accessories. Among these we mention: more or less colored cushions, vases,

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