Garden gazebos

Garden gazebos

Since the arrival of spring, every year, the desire to spend time outdoors returns in each of us, especially if we have a garden or a large terrace. One of the main elements for the furnishing of our garden is constituted by the garden gazebos, which can be adapted to a thousand uses, making our stay outside pleasant, providing a shelter from the sun or simply a more protected corner to the interior of our garden and which, if embellished with plants and vines, can become even more pleasing to the eye. If, on the other hand, you have a commercial activity with an outdoor garden area, garden gazebos can be a valid help to enhance our work: you can think of setting up with these dedicated areas for customers, privileged exhibition areas,

Models of garden gazebos

You can find garden gazebos of the most various shapes and colors: there are simpler models, consisting of a plastic or metal frame, often to be assembled independently and removable at the appropriate time; some of these models also exist foldable, suitable to be stored in sheds and cellars for shorter or longer periods, and easily reusable at different times; then there are more complex models, in wrought iron or wood, which however require the help of professionals to be assembled. The shapes of the garden gazebos vary a lot, from the rounded one, to the oval, to the more classic square or rectangular ones; most of the models can also be closed on the sides, sometimes taking on the appearance of real houses and, in the more complex models,

Materials of garden gazebos

The materials of the garden gazebos also vary a lot, depending on the model and, of course, on the price. If the structure we need does not have to be permanent, the PVC cover is certainly more convenient, as the material is resistant and easily washable; more elegant, among the removable covers for garden gazebos, are the ecru or hemp sheets, often associated with structures in aluminum, steel, wood and wrought iron. If the garden gazebo must remain permanently outside and you want to use it even in autumn or spring, when the weather is still unstable, it is certainly preferable to think of a resistant material and you can even consider a plexiglass canopy and side covers. , polycarbonate or glass, with results of the highest class and elegance.

Cost of garden gazebos

The cost of garden gazebos varies greatly depending mainly on the type of material and the model chosen, however nowadays, especially online, models suitable for all budgets are found. For the folding and removable garden gazebos, a light structure is also available starting from 50 euros, but it is necessary to carefully evaluate the place and the use that must be made of it because these models are not suitable for bad weather situations or windy places; if instead we aim at a permanent structure, the price can vary from a few hundred euros for the standard models up to a few thousand euros, if we want a more elegant structure and perhaps designed specifically for our needs by professionals. Even the cost of the covers is very different, and depending on the use it is worth considering whether to choose a fabric sheet,

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