Garden grating panels

Grilled wood panels

Privacy and lighting are fundamental elements to be able to fully enjoy the relaxation offered by your terrace or garden: to get the best of both, it is necessary to evaluate the arrangement of the furnishing elements and the management of the space in a targeted and prudent way. Grilled panels are structures that perfectly meet the satisfaction of both needs: they are able to create a barrier for the gaze without at the same time preventing the passage of light. For this reason, the use of grilled panels is particularly suitable for small spaces, where the need to have a delimiting structure must not lead to the creation of a barrier that creates a sense of oppression and that can limit the perception of space to layout.

Grilled panels and flower boxes

Grid panels can be used for different purposes: to delimit different parts of your garden, to create a barrier to the outside or to neighboring lands, but also to decorate the space and make it more dynamic. The grilled panels are in fact an ideal support for flowers and climbing plants, which extending over the entire structure will give it a touch of joy and color. In the same way, the grilled panels also constitute a protective barrier for the plants themselves: if placed near a planter, they will prevent the gusts of wind from hitting the flowers too violently, damaging them. On the market there are planters whose structure already includes the presence of grilled panels, precisely to ensure maximum functionality.

Garden grating panels: The purchase

The grilled panels can be purchased at any center dedicated to garden furniture and gardening: the structures can be purchased in bulk, for a harmonious and unified garden, or individually, to give life to the green space little by little. It is also possible to buy planters already equipped with grilled panels, for a unique structure that allows to obtain the double result linked to the cultivation and privacy of the green space. From an aesthetic point of view, the panels can satisfy any requirement, thanks to the variations of the strips that compose them and the possibility of dyeing them in the color that best matches the rest of the surrounding space. The panels, however, are very popular in the color of their natural wood, elegant and suitable for any space:

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