Garden gravel

Garden gravel

The choice of the correct garden gravel must necessarily take into account the grain size since different materials can be used such as gravel or crushed stone that is crushed in quarries. In fact, depending on the uses you need, you can choose coarse gravel with diameters of up to 6 centimeters, or finer materials with diameters that are between 1 and 3 centimeters. Colored gravels can also be chosen to improve the decorative yield with colors such as pearl gray, red or various shades of blue, obviously depending on the place of installation it is also possible to use gravel with different colors. The garden gravel it can be found both in quarries and in shops that sell building materials.

The gravel paving in a garden is an optimal choice both in economic and maintenance terms, since the installation is quick, does not require particular labor and allows to obtain an adequate drainage eliminating the problem of puddles. In fact, in a garden it can be very useful to create gravel covers or paths in the most frequented areas, such as a gazebo, or to decorate the borders of flower beds. Gravel also offers the advantage that it can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. Usually for the construction of paths or covers of small areas in a garden, two types of different granulometry are used, 1 or 3 centimeters, in order to create optimal passage areas. L’

Laying of gravel

The first problem for the construction of a gravel cover in the garden is to decide the amount of crushed stone that needs the intervention. Then you should measure the area to be covered, choose the thickness of the cover and multiply them to get the correct cubic meters of materials needed. Soil preparation is essential to ensure proper settling of the gravel, so it should be dug no more than 20 centimeters deep. In this way the ground can provide a solid base for laying the crushed stone. The laying of the gravel, for small surfaces, can be done by hand by distributing the material with a rake and a shovel in order to level the layers. If you want to use two different grain sizes, you can apply the first layer, cover it with geotextile and proceed with the next layer with a different diameter. The fabric interposed between the layers does not allow the creation of non-uniform areas where holes could form.

Maintenance of gravel covers in the garden

If the gravel layers have been properly laid, water drainage is guaranteed and the correct consistency of the walkable areas should be obtained. In this case, the maintenance of the covers should be zero. The only intervention to be carried out must be the elimination of weeds, which substantially depends on the depth of the excavation that was carried out for the laying of the crushed stone. In the case of colored gravel, it could restore shine and a correct shade by eliminating dust by wetting the surface layers. With the passage of time it is possible that the pebbles have buried due to trampling, or that they have been removed, so it would be necessary to integrate the crushed stone in areas where there are problems.

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