Garden greenhouses

Garden greenhouses

A greenhouse is a structure that is built to cultivate plants and flowers so that they are protected from excessively adverse climatic conditions or to be able to recreate an environment similar to the original one, so that they can develop properly. In this way, garden greenhouses can be built in order to guarantee correct lighting and an optimal temperature to be able to adequately develop plants and flowers. Usually the greenhouses that are built in the garden are small in size, without heating and with a tunnel shape able to guarantee good protection so that the plants do not suffer dangerous winter frosts.

Design of a garden greenhouse

To create a small greenhouse in order to guarantee the best environmental conditions inside, some important factors must be taken into consideration, the first concerns the dimensions that must not be excessive in order to be adequately heated. So you can opt for a maximum height that allows you to stand up to be able to move around comfortably inside. The typical structure of a greenhouse is arch-shaped, with the support posts firmly anchored to the ground. For the supporting structure, plastic tubes can be used that have the correct flexibility in order to be perfectly shaped to shape the arch. On the other hand, rigid plastic pipes must be used for the structures along the tunnel and joining the arches.

Construction of a garden greenhouse

The ideal place for construction must be very sunny to be able to maximize the greenhouse effect indoors. The long side of the structure must be placed in an east-west direction. Once the ideal place has been identified, the flexible pipes must be shaped and planted in the ground at a depth that makes them stable and provides the desired height in the center of the structure. To the sides of the structure thus created, rigid pipes must be fixed in order to block the construction and make it compact. Two rigid pipes must be placed on each side of the greenhouse and two on the top to ensure rigidity of the construction. The binding of the horizontal structures with the vertical ones can be achieved using elastic bands.

How to make a garden greenhouse stable

To make the greenhouse more stable, the pipes that form the arches must be blocked, so that they can withstand the gusts of wind. Then you must proceed to plant wooden stakes near the underground pipes both on the long sides of the structure and on the short sides. The stakes must be driven almost entirely into the ground. Subsequently, the tubes must be tied to the posts in order to guarantee correct stability in the event of gusts of wind. To prepare the roof, studs must be applied to the points where it is to be fixed to the load-bearing structure. Once the studding has been completed, the tarpaulin must be fixed to the arches of the greenhouse, using the elastic bands. At the entrance to the structure two separate parts of a tarpaulin must be fixed so that there is an opening in the center.

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