Garden hedges

Garden hedges not just a barrier

Eager for privacy, the owners of a garden know that this is not just a seasonal purchase, let’s see the possible choices in relation to the type of our garden.For sunny areas, with little rain, you could opt for mastic garden hedges. This is a type of shrub that does not need continuous watering, even in the hottest summer periods. The fertilization will be light because it is a plant accustomed to generally poor substrates. In gardens it will have the possibility to develop more easily being nourished more than in nature. Generally the mastic has a rather short stem (but can develop like a small tree) with the bark tending to red, it is adorned with oval leaves of a bright green color. In spring, small unisexual flowers will appear:

Pinus mugo cold-resistant hedges

Those who live in areas with a cold climate, with the possibility of snowfall, can think of planting pinus mugo in their garden, a variable shrub, a small and compact needle-like that can vary depending on the species and also the environment in which it lives. Its branches are characteristic because in its lower part they can grow on the ground, its leaves are needle-like of a dark green grouped in tufts of 3-5 cm. The flowers called sporophylls, can be dark red or purplish if female, or a showy yellow if male, they bloom in April-May. Due to its characteristics this plant is ideal for mountain areas, in Italy it has a spontaneous growth in the Alps but there are many varieties. Pinus is one of the medicinal plants, the «moan» is extracted from it

Garden hedges for limited spaces

A plant that does not take up much space but is certainly effective is the dwarf yew, exactly the «taxus baccata nana» of the Gymnosperm family. If you have practice in pruning, it is a plant that can be scissored at will, keeping it the desired size. This plant is a perennial shrub of Mediterranean origins. The color of the stem can vary depending on the age of the plant and ranges from reddish to gray. Its leaves are small, rather narrow and have an iridescent color: on the upper side dark green and on the lower part a lighter green. The production of the berries, which are of a very decorative bright red color, takes place during the summer season. Dwarf yew garden hedges are very compact and decorative,

Climbing garden hedges

In my opinion, a special part for garden hedges belongs to climbing plants, the list of climbing plants is very dense, you are spoiled for choice. An unusual climbing plant is the schizandra, a type of plant that for some botanists must have belonged to the Magnoliaceae family. The Schizadraceae family in common with the magnolias has its rustic side, its resistance to the cold of the winter seasons, and the appearance of spring before other plants. Thanks to its small size it is ideal for small gardens, the schizandra has a pleasant structure, the foliage is bright green and has pretty flowers followed by decorative fruits. There are various species of schizandra, whose name was given to it by its creator the botanist Michaux in 1803:

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