Garden houses for children

Garden sheds for children

Garden sheds for children are one of the most coveted games by human cubs. They are their own little place, where they can best express their personality, «away» from the eyes of adults. The market offers solutions for all tastes and possibilities: we start from the simplest models, in fabric and essential shapes, to get to the most advanced models, in wood, where the house has the features of a real house, with completely unique details. identical to those of a real house, such as functioning windows and doors, along with accessible balconies and terraces (in some cases capable of supporting weights up to 400 kg). Between these two extremes, in the «middle world» there is a wide offer, with different shapes and colors that defining immense is not an exaggeration. The limit can be the imagination in choosing,

The fabric and inflatable houses

The fabric houses are the cheapest, affordable for everyone, you can have them at home with a few tens of euros. Despite the economy, they still offer a certain choice in shapes and colors. Starting from the slightly squared shape, up to more rounded shapes, in some cases in imitation of small castle towers. Openings such as doors and windows are represented by rollable sheets. Bright colors or camouflage and characters from the most famous comics. The models of inflatable houses cover the whole range, from the economical to the more expensive versions. Dimensions and equipment go hand in hand with cost: here the simple versions are reminiscent of curtains, in shapes and details, to arrive at larger versions, with different sizes and formats.

The houses in plastic materials

Garden houses for children in plastic materials are the middle way between those in fabric or small inflatable ones and the more complex ones, in wood. They are supplied in interlocking assembly kits, easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, with the added advantage that once disassembled they take up little space (useful for example when they have to be stored for the winter). They are proposed in different colors and shapes, with various accessories and details. From classic shapes to more extravagant ones, passing through castles, these houses stimulate the imagination of the little ones, complemented by features such as entrance bells that really ring, working doors and windows, small porches, slides, not to miss anything fun .

Garden houses for children: The wooden houses

Turning our gaze to the wooden houses we enter a somewhat particular world: with models that rest directly on the ground or mounted on stilts, with one or two floors; these houses are more than a game, they are perfect scale models of a real house. With attention to the smallest details, they are able to offer functioning doors and windows, adjustable in opening, equipped with interiors with mezzanines or second floors able to withstand the weight of several children (up to 400kg also). Finishes with attention to doors and windows, wide range of colors available, even different among the various elements, for the house, the jambs and the fixtures. Supplied in kits of pre-assembled panels, with floors built in prefabricated panels (type platform) for better insulation and protection from water.

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