Garden irrigation

Garden irrigation systems

Garden irrigation systems are ideal for ensuring that the plants receive the right amount of water daily, facilitating this operation in large spaces and, with modern timed systems, allowing irrigation even when you are not present. The most important thing is to design the plant so that it fully meets our needs. In fact, there are many types of irrigation systems: underground or above ground, drip or timed. The underground systems are formed by channels that are positioned underground and by the appropriate sprinklers, which will also be the only visible part. Those above ground are instead equipped with lances and pipes to be connected to the taps, they are certainly less aesthetic than the previous ones and suitable for small gardens.

Garden irrigation kit

To create a system independently, you can use the garden irrigation kits available on the market, which already include everything you need. In particular, the kits, which are usually very easy to assemble, include a base, a control unit or programmer, a manifold, fittings and clamps, in some cases the rain sensor can be included. They do not include hoses and sprinklers, which must be chosen separately, coordinated with the kit. The kits on the market are of various types, with battery or to be connected to the electrical system, and available for two or more sectors. These kits greatly facilitate the implementation of the irrigation system, solving the problem of not knowing exactly what equipment is needed and finding everything you need in one go.

Garden irrigation system scheme

Before proceeding with the purchase of the kit and the material suitable for the realization of the system it is necessary to proceed to draw a project on paper, a scheme of irrigation system for the garden in order to know perfectly what result we want to obtain and what equipment is necessary to make it. We then proceed with drawing a plan of the garden that reproduces the real dimensions of the spaces to scale. To facilitate this operation, the garden is normally divided into zones, within which the sprinklers are positioned, taking into account the potential range of action and the fact that they can be adjustable up to 360 °. This diagram will allow you to establish the length and type of pipes and the number of underground sprinklers necessary to avoid leaving areas of the garden uncovered.

Garden irrigation: Garden irrigation system cost

Making a garden irrigation system has a not very high cost if you proceed independently but the costs can go up quickly if you rely on a professional. In the first case, you can save a lot by purchasing ready-made kits that contain everything you need, available from a few hundred euros, depending on the type and size of the area to be covered. To this figure we must then add the costs related to the purchase of pipes and sprinklers and also in this case the size of the space greatly affects the length of pipes required and the quantity of sprinklers needed. There are also accessories whose purchase can greatly influence the cost of the system,

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