Garden irrigation

The garden irrigation systems

Knowing how to best water our crops is essential to avoid damaging them and to make them grow at their best, also avoiding excessive and unnecessary consumption of water. There are basically two main irrigation systems for the garden, each of which will be more suitable for different types of crops: sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. The sprinkler irrigation technique is generally more suitable for gardens and lawns, consisting of a series of small dispensers (located throughout the space) that spray water over the entire surface to be irrigated. It is therefore a simple and practical way to be able to administer water at the same time, and to the same extent, to large plots. The technique of

Do-it-yourself garden irrigation system

Shower irrigation is undoubtedly the best way to water your crops, saving water and time: in this way the water reaches the root directly, thus providing the subsoil with everything it needs. Every self-respecting system then needs a control unit that programs the irrigation, regulating both the duration and the frequency. If you do not want to run into excessive expenses, you can resort to a do-it-yourself garden irrigation system. Here is what you will need: polyethylene tube, capillary tube, fittings, drips and of course the control unit. The process is simple: pierce the pipe at the water diversion and insert a fitting to which the pipe that will reach the plant to be irrigated is hooked. Attach a drip tray to the tube that is placed at the root of your plant and that’s it. Connect everything to a control unit if you want to program your irrigation.

Do it yourself garden irrigation

If you have a passion for gardening and are tending a small crop in your garden, you will undoubtedly need a good irrigation system. There are many ways to irrigate your land, depending on its size and your needs, but if you have to choose a do-it-yourself garden irrigation system we recommend that you choose the drip system, easy and cheap to make at home. So arm yourself with patience and creativity, and in a few hours you will have your garden irrigation system. First of all you will need a source of water, which can be replaced with a large plastic tank in case you do not have a tap at hand. A pump hose must be attached to this source, to which must be connected by means of special distribution hose connectors that carry the water directly to the plants. Make sure you weld all the holes drilled in the pipes during the process, to avoid annoying spills that create unnecessary waste. So in a short time you can build your DIY garden irrigation system!

Synergistic garden irrigation

Very often we hear about «synergistic agriculture» in the field of gardening, but few actually know what it is. To clarify, it must be said that a synergistic vegetable garden is mostly cultivated excluding any negative impact on the environment, respecting primarily the plants and the soil. In fact, the drip system is used for the irrigation of the synergistic garden, as it guarantees considerable water savings and a less invasive approach to crops, which are not so ruined by the excessive dose of water that often ends up on the plants. It is a system with lower costs and which allows, among other things, to preserve the soil, since the water enters it slowly and deeply, without causing superficial damage.

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