Garden irrigation system

Garden irrigation system: why make it happen

It is well known by now that more and more Italians have fallen in love with the personal care of their garden. Even people who do not own a piece of land, perhaps also due to the economic crisis, have thought of using their terrace for a small balcony garden, often finding space-saving solutions that are nothing short of ingenious. The advantages of a garden irrigation system are many. First of all, energy is saved. Going back and forth with the bucket can be a long operation that over time consumes strength. An irrigation system for the do-it-yourself garden will also allow you to save water. Through special switches it is possible, in fact, to automatically program the start of the water supply. But not only. The duration of the

Making a DIY irrigation system. Useful tips

The best DIY garden irrigation system possible is definitely the drip one. Thanks to this method, the right amount of water that the plant needs can be administered very slowly. In practice, water will be given only when and where it is needed. It is well known, in fact, that even an excess of irrigation can hurt the seedlings. The realization of an automatic irrigation system is also quite economical. On the market there are ready-to-use kits that simply need to be assembled but, to set up a drip irrigation system for the vegetable garden independently, after the purchase of the control unit it will be necessary to purchase a polyethylene tube and a 1 capillary tube. / 4 inch. You will need fittings and drippers. For a complete basic kit, it starts at a price of around 70 $.

How to make a do-it-yourself irrigation system

The installation of a drip garden irrigation system is really simple. The first step is to install a battery-powered electronic device to attach to your garden tap. The device can be programmed in such a way as to start up only at pre-established times and for the duration you want. Second thing to do is to place the polyethylene pipes that will be used to convey the water between the various plants. Each tube contains drippers inside, which are positioned at fixed distances. The distances and diameters of the emitters vary according to the tubes you choose. This type of irrigation is ideal for tomatoes and beans. As for salads and freshly sown soils it will be necessary to use a micro-atomizer that will produce a natural rain effect.

Do-it-yourself irrigation system at no cost

Surely the ease of installation and the cost-effectiveness of a do-it-yourself drip irrigation system will induce many people to try their hand. However, it is possible to find an even cheaper and simpler alternative by using plastic bottles. The system is also ecological. First you need to clean the bottles with neutral soap. Then pierce the bottom of the bottle with a small pointed instrument and fill the bottles with water. Place them on the ground and attach them to a stick with wire. In the winter season this technique will be enough for a week. In the summer season it will be necessary to change the water even twice a day. Such a system can be an effective and creative idea for the plants in your garden.

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