Garden items

Gardening tools

To take care of your garden or your green space you need tools suitable for the different operations to be carried out and the type of crops present: the care of small hedges will require, in fact, interventions and tools very different from the pruning of large plants. Having a versatile basic kit available and containing the essential tools for the care and maintenance of greenery is therefore essential, while you can then proceed to purchase additional tools from time to time depending on the specific needs that will arise from time to time. in time. Garden tools can be purchased at centers dedicated to gardening and do-it-yourself, while for basic economic tools you can also contact well-stocked shopping centers. One of the problems that arise for those who own a large garden and therefore many tools necessary for the maintenance of its parts concerns above all the shelter: where to place the tools during periods of inactivity? Better to avoid storing them at home, as they could dirty and be not very functional: better the positioning of an outdoor wardrobe or a tool shed, which can contain everything you need, keeping it at hand and protecting it from direct exposure to agents. atmospheric.

Garden furniture

Taking care of the greenery is only the first step in transforming the garden into a space to live in and in which to enjoy well-deserved relaxation. To make the green space welcoming, it is necessary to study an arrangement of outdoor furniture that can also be basic and without particular investment of money, but still pleasant and perfectly functional. Deciding whether to create large garden kitchens with a pool corner or whether to limit yourself to a simple, intimate and cozy living room is a decision that is up to the owner of the house, who will have to evaluate the feasibility not only based on costs, but also on the free space. available and the size of the garden. The choice of furniture must also take into account the shape of the space: if covered,

Furnishing accessories for the garden

Making a garden special, unique and personal is possible not only through meticulous care in its furnishings, but also in the choice of all those accessories that will improve the quality of its use. The details are the elements that can make the difference, from the curtains for gazebos and terraces to the cushions that will make the use of the garden lounge more practical. Colored and fragrant candles can create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, while a correct positioning of the lights will allow you to take advantage of the green space even in the evening, enjoying the cool summer. The outdoor space can then be completed with statues, fountains and any element that contributes to improving its appearance and giving it personality.

Garden items: Accessories for the garden

Finally, the completion of the furnishing of the outdoor space passes through all those accessories which, although not necessary, contribute to making the garden a welcoming place to be experienced. Among these, in the summer period, mosquito repellants cannot be missing: available in different versions and formats, they make it possible to use the garden in total serenity even in the evening hours and close to sunset, when there is usually the maximum peak of insects. Mosquito repellants can be electric and act as repellents or by capturing and eliminating insects: the product will be selected according to your needs and the characteristics of the external area. The garden can then be equipped with lighting, both to enhance the most elegant and evocative parts and to make it usable even in the evening hours, reading or chatting in company. A grill or a small outdoor kitchen will then be valuable elements that will allow you to fully experience the green space at every stage of the day, while statues or small fountains will give a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the entire environment. The garden can then be completed with small details, such as works of art made specifically for the outside with resistant materials, in such a way as to give life to a space that has nothing to envy to the interior of the house.

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