Garden kitchen

The main elements

Many elements can contribute to making the garden a place to live and not just an aesthetic extension of your home. Among these, the main emblem is the garden kitchen, ideal for creating delicious dishes to be enjoyed with friends in the open air, immersed in the greenery of the surrounding space. The garden kitchens are suitable for all those who want to make the garden a meeting and meeting place, in which to spend pleasant hours in company and conviviality. Large spaces are not necessarily necessary to give life to an outdoor kitchen: even in small spaces it is possible to study the combination tailored to your garden and in line with your needs. In any case, it is better to also be able to create a cover or place the kitchen under a pergola, in such a way as to protect it from bad weather. Among the basic elements that make up the outdoor kitchen you cannot miss the oven, preferably wood-burning, or the barbecue, to prepare tasty dishes with an intense and characteristic flavor. The presence of one or more sinks is also fundamental for the outdoor kitchen, with worktops that leave room for pots, plates, food and various ingredients. Depending on the size of the kitchen, it will then be possible to have more or less large ovens and grills and more or less complex cooking compartments, in order to accommodate the number of guests you want. Shelves and drawers for storing all the necessary utensils complete the outdoor kitchen: an extreme convenience compared to having to take the necessary tools out of the kitchen every time. The stoves can be electric,


Once you have purchased the main tools for your outdoor kitchen, it is possible to evaluate, based on the spaces available, the completion through additional structures and elements that can make it easier to use or allow greater practicality and further possibilities. culinary. For example, if the connection to the electrical system is available, it is also possible to install a traditional oven, perhaps to prepare dishes that do not require the typical aromatization of a wood-burning oven. The sink can have one or two bowls, particularly useful for large kitchens, if you want to prepare dishes for many people at the same time. The shelves to contain kitchen utensils and tools can be varied and internally structured to make any space functional, and can be equipped with compartments for wine bottles. A compartment could be dedicated, for example, to the preservation of wood for the oven, which in this way would always remain protected and dry.

Cleaning and maintenance

The garden kitchen can transform the space into a meeting point for friends and family, but on the other hand it requires some maintenance. In fact, it is advisable to clean and take care of it in order to always guarantee maximum functioning and total safety. Garden kitchens are mostly made of masonry, but there are also aluminum models on the market, usually smaller in size, or covered in wood, for a natural effect and harmonious insertion into the surrounding space. It is advisable, after use, to clean the tools and work surfaces, and then cover everything with sheets that prevent the passage of insects and the deposit of dirt, especially during long periods of inactivity.

The purchase

Outdoor kitchens must be purchased only after the necessary measurements of the available space, to be sure that the kitchen can meet the needs and be placed without problems. Since these are installations of a certain scale, they are usually carried out directly by workers appointed by the point of sale, who at the same time also take care of the transport. Precisely because the kitchens are designed to last over time, it is also good to inquire about the warranty and assistance conditions offered by both the manufacturer and the point of sale. The outdoor kitchen can be purchased in the form of a pre-built structure and with fixed elements already determined, or it can be made to measure to suit your needs, in line with the availability of space. In particular for small gardens, the possibility of omitting, according to the expected use, the wood oven rather than the traditional hob can be particularly useful. On the contrary, if you plan to make extensive use of it, it could be the need for additional hobs or sinks, or to install both the wood-burning oven and the barbecue grill, in order to satisfy any type of need.

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