Garden lamps

Garden lights: light up the way home

We take care of the garden furnishing carefully, but often we focus only on what are the daytime needs related to the home garden. In fact, too often we forget that the garden can also be lived in the evening or at night and therefore it is essential to carefully study the lighting system, in order to have a pleasant and welcoming environment at all hours of the day. I trade many types of garden lamps. From the purely decorative ones that create light points in the most beautiful or most important areas, to those designed to illuminate the path that leads from the parking lot to the front door. From the design point of view there are obviously models that satisfy all tastes and needs,

Lighted paths: solar garden lamps

If you return home in the evening it is nice to have lights that indicate the path to follow. If the purpose of lighting is only to easily identify the way forward, the best solution is represented by solar lights. These are small spotlights mounted on a pedestal or which can be inserted directly into the ground. They don’t produce very strong light, but that’s more than enough for the purpose. The spotlights in question are extremely comfortable, as they do not require any connection to the mains. In fact, they are equipped with small solar panels that during the day recharge the batteries of the lamps, which therefore have sufficient autonomy to remain on during the night.This type of lighting can be used anywhere in the garden, even as a decorative light point.

Lanterns: the best solution to illuminate large areas

If you want to illuminate the garden as a whole or in any case you want to obtain diffused lighting, street lamps are the most suitable solution. There are many different models, but among the most popular we certainly find the classic lanterns. From a design point of view they have proved, over the years, the best choice, because they never go out of fashion. Not only are they great from a decorative point of view, they are also extremely functional. In fact, thanks to their shape they are excellent for lighting and are considered the absolute best method if you want to obtain general lighting in the garden. They also work great as individual light spots, perhaps near a bench, but they are also perfect for illuminating the area where you eat during the warm summer evenings.

Garden lamps: Garden lamps to decorate

Garden lamps are not only necessary to illuminate. In fact, the lamps can become wonderful elements of furniture and decoration, to be kept in the garden more for the pleasant design than for the actual need to obtain good lighting.The use, for example, of colored lights gives the garden a truly unique atmosphere and unmatched, which makes the whole house more beautiful and charming. The use of colored lights also allows you to play in the different areas, transforming even a simple white wall into a point of interest.There is a wide range of choices when it comes to design. In addition to colors, you can play with shapes; there are garden lamps that trace famous works of art, while others, although extremely simple,

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