Garden lighting

The garden at night

The garden reserves moments of rest and leisure but it is not always possible to spend the whole day there, due to any work commitments or due to the excessive heat of the summer season; for this reason it is necessary to make our green spaces usable even in the evening: a dinner all together, reading a book, a chat with friends become even more pleasant if they are framed by the cool and green of an illuminated garden. Garden lights must therefore be chosen carefully, so as to further enhance an environment where we can take care of ourselves. Candles represent an ephemeral but still suggestive form of lighting and those with lemongrass and lavender, with a pleasant scent, acquire particular utility, essential to keep mosquitoes and other annoying insects away.

Garden lighting: spotlights and led lamps

In garden lighting, especially in the case of rather large spaces, it is advisable to use spotlights in order to create light paths, which are also very aesthetically pleasing. The spotlights can be mounted on the ground, spreading the light from the bottom up, thus outlining small paths that pleasantly accompany our passage: better if the light is not too strong, so as to avoid an annoying “glare” effect. A different solution is to hide the spotlights between the hedges, to ensure discreet and soft lighting. The most modern LED lamps are available in various colors and are generally inexpensive (wall mounted ones are very common); they guarantee particular advantages: in addition to that, not negligible, of economic savings,

Solar powered lamps

Solar-powered garden lighting represents a useful and ecological choice, which also allows considerable savings: there will be no waste of electricity because the lamp will be charged during the day by the sun’s rays; it must therefore be placed with particular attention to the position and orientation towards the sun. The solution of solar lamps is spreading more and more; on the market there are various types and sizes: small and cheap spotlights, suitable for marking paths and paths, but also large lampposts with more powerful lighting. Of course it is important to consider that if the lamp does not absorb enough solar energy during the day it will not light up in the evening;

Lanterns and oriental suggestions

The lanterns give a delicately soft lighting and always manage to create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere; you can buy them in the stores of garden items, but also online; moreover, for those who feel particularly creative, they are quite simple to manufacture: plastic containers and jars, in which we can cut out shapes to our liking and insert candles or small LED lights, they are transformed into pretty colored lanterns, to be placed inside the our garden in corners of relaxation and suggestion. If you feel the charm of the Far East, Japanese lanterns, very popular today, are always the best choice: they are usually made of stone or granite, with different models, carved as small and rare works of art; they represent an ideal complement to Zen gardens.

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