Garden lights

Garden lights

Garden lights are elements not to be underestimated but to be kept in mind as a fundamental thing to say the least.

We know well that the garden is a place that can be experienced in the morning and in the afternoon but if there were no night lighting, it could not be lived in the evening. Thanks to the different types of lighting, however, you have the opportunity to experience your garden at any time of the day.

There are different types of garden lights that can be summarized as: street lamps, spotlights, pendant lights and lanterns.

Each type of light is then chosen according to the needs you have and the atmosphere you want to give to your space, if you prefer a modern or more classic and traditional environment. Obviously, before making the purchase of the various lights it is absolutely necessary to have clear ideas on which to buy and where to place them.

Features garden lighting

If you need to illuminate an avenue, it is recommended to purchase street lamps that will surely allow a beautiful clear and diffused lighting.

Lamps of this type are usually the most purchased because they guarantee good brightness and are designed to withstand atmospheric agents, as well as being, usually, easy to maintain when it comes to replacing burnt out lamps.

Their assembly must be carried out with great care, as the connections must be water and humidity proof and the elements must be positioned at the right distance in order to provide the best lighting. On the market there are different models of street lamps and, for this reason, it is advisable to be well advised by expert people who can provide the correct information to understand which model is best suited to your needs.

The garden spotlights

Garden spotlights are another type of lamp widely used to illuminate outdoor spaces, especially when you want to have a specific type of lighting that highlights specific details of your garden, such as trees or fountains. These spotlights, usually installed on the ground, are able to project a light that goes from the bottom upwards, as opposed to the street lamps which instead project a light from the top down. The spotlights allow you to greatly improve the aesthetics of the garden you have, thanks to the fact that they have different shapes and sizes and allow you to set up particular very fascinating plays of light. The installation of this type of lamps must include watertight connections, that do not present the possibility of infiltration of water or humidity. Numerous variants are available on the market, even at very low prices, but it is essential to check that the technical specifications comply with outdoor use.

Hanging lights

Pendant lights, on the other hand, are a particular type of outdoor lighting, which is used as if it were a sort of chandelier; Compared to street lamps and outdoor spotlights, this type of lamp usually turns out to be much more delicate and is used purely for sheltered places, such as gazebos, porches or verandas. Usually, in fact, these elements, due to their conformation, cannot be exposed to the elements.

On the market there are numerous practical and fun solutions to color your garden with pendant lamps which, instead of glass, use plastic, a more practical and resistant material, suitable for outdoor use. It is also possible to purchase special lighting elements which, instead of electricity, require the use of candles, to give a romantic atmosphere to the whole environment.

In addition to this type of ecological alternative, another increasingly used because it allows to eliminate electrical connections is solar energy lighting, which uses the sun to have the necessary energy to illuminate the external environment. This type of solution is very suitable because it allows you to avoid electrical connections that could cause malfunctions and problems with exposure to atmospheric agents and allows you to save by not using electricity.

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