Garden lights

Street lights for the garden

Among the most used lights for gardens there are certainly street lamps, available in various materials, models and sizes. Among the most graceful are those in wrought iron, with the insertion of small glass panels to protect the lamp: they can be mounted on poles or suspended, tied to special hooks, and can create a very particular atmosphere, almost of another times. Also very popular are the traditional spherical lanterns, with stronger and more decisive lighting, or even the simpler and more essential vertical poles, mounted on the ground, with the light source in the upper part, useful for delimiting paths or creating paths. The economic choice is really very wide: they range from inexpensive solutions starting from 20 euros up to larger and more complex street lamps, even from 150 euros upwards.

Led garden lights

Led lamps have first of all the advantage of being very versatile and inexpensive; in principle they do not provide particularly strong lighting: they are therefore perfect for creating relaxing and soft atmospheres. Small LED lamps can be mounted half-hidden between flowers and bushes, so as to enhance the vegetation of our garden in a suggestive way: there are various models and colors on the market, to be combined with the colors of our flowers, so as to create fascinating chromatic games. Among the LED lighting sources there are also the practical «path marker» spotlights: they must be mounted on the ground, with the light spreading from the bottom up, and are very useful for creating illuminated paths in the garden that pleasantly accompany us or our visitors. .

Lanterns and candles

To create a suggestive and almost magical atmosphere in our garden, it is sufficient to place lanterns and candles in the right places, which can be purchased at reasonable prices in many imaginative solutions; the more creative ones can even try their hand at DIY creations; the web is in this field full of suggestions and proposals: you can use recycled materials, such as empty jars in which to cut out shapes and insert small lights. A type of garden that is experiencing an ever greater diffusion today is the Zen one, which refers to the exotic atmospheres of the Far East, suitable for rest and meditation: Japanese lanterns are ideal for decorating this kind of environment. The traditional and timeless candles give a delicate and suffused lighting: among the scented ones, the lavender and lemongrass candles,

Solar powered garden lighting

Solar-powered garden lights are economical and above all ecological: if we only think about saving electricity, we realize that it is a particularly advantageous lighting system, which is experiencing an ever greater diffusion; there are many models of solar-powered garden lamps on the market: from large street lamps to smaller spotlights. In positioning these light sources, however, it is necessary to follow some small, indispensable precautions: points in the garden where the sunlight arrives for most of the day must be chosen (otherwise the night lighting would in fact have a very limited autonomy); moreover, even if it seems obvious, it must be considered that the operation of these lamps depends very much on the weather conditions: in case of bad weather they will not absorb enough solar energy, consequently they will not light up in the evening; therefore, so that evening light is always guaranteed, it is good to combine them with more traditional light sources.

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