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The living room for a cozy garden

Time and patience are needed to make the garden a decorative environment, which creates a pleasant frame made of harmony and color for the house. But the outdoor space is not limited to being an aesthetic complement to the home: by fully exploiting its potential, it is possible to transform the garden into a real continuation of the living spaces. Regardless of its size, the garden can be transformed into a space of conviviality and relaxation, in which to spend time in serenity and joy with your family or friends. If it is true that the house becomes a home thanks to the furniture, the same can be said for the garden, to which the most varied functions can be attributed, depending on the spaces and wishes of the owner. With a garden furniture, therefore, here is the green frame transformed into an additional space of your home in which to enjoy the summer sun or the autumn breeze. Garden lounges are compositions, more or less simple depending on the model, made specifically for outdoor spaces: an aesthetic capable of enhancing the surrounding greenery, therefore, but also resistant materials, which can undergo continuous exposure to agents. atmospheric without suffering particular damage. The garden lounges can also be composed of a few basic elements and occupy a small space, making it comfortable anyway: a couple of chairs or a small sofa and a coffee table can be enough to create a garden lounge, while having more space available it is possible opt, of course, for larger compositions suitable to accommodate a greater number of guests, with armchairs, chaise longues, swings and so on. The garden lounges can be purchased both in bulk, as pre-defined compositions, and as individual elements, to create a custom-made living room you want. Given the variety of compositions and elements on the market, the total costs are also extremely variable, offering solutions and possibilities for all budgets and for any green space. It will therefore be free for the buyer to opt for living rooms with a traditional composition or for others more studied on their specific needs, that also take into account the amount of people you want to be able to comfortably use it and the amount of space you are willing to allocate for the creation of the living room. With the garden lounge, the quality of the time spent inside your green space increases and it becomes possible to carve out a moment of relaxation all for yourself, perhaps at the end of a hard day’s work,

The right style for every living room

Usually garden lounges are purchased when the fundamental aesthetic aspect of the green space in which they will be inserted has already been defined. This means that the elements that make up the living room will be placed inside a space with an aesthetic personality already, at least in part, defined. Taking into account the style of your garden is therefore essential, at the time of choice, to be able to identify a garden lounge that can fit harmoniously into the surrounding space and enhance it. It is possible to opt for the recall and chromatic continuity, or for the insertion of breaking elements that create unexpected contrasts: the important thing is that the whole creates a welcoming and pleasant environment also to the eye. The market today allows a huge variety of choices, orienting itself on the coutry and rustic style for houses and gardens with a more traditional appearance, up to real design elements that allow you to create spaces of great elegance and relevance. Not only the structural composition, but also the materials play a fundamental role in this sense: for gardens with the most natural appearance possible, for example, the ideal element is wood, painted according to the predominant colors of the external space or left in its original state. natural, with the veins clearly visible. For more decorative structures with a more refined appearance, iron and wrought iron are perfect solutions, while materials such as rattan or bamboo can give life to suggestive Zen spaces, perhaps in conjunction with style garden fountains. Many others are the materials available for design spaces, able to catch the eye at the first moment. Naturally, the materials available are studied and chosen on the basis of resistance to continuous exposure to atmospheric agents, in such a way as to be able to withstand in excellent condition for a long time after purchase. If you decide to buy the individual pieces to compose your own personalized living room, it is good to pay attention to create a homogeneous and uniform environment, which can make the most of the surrounding space. in such a way as to be able to resist in excellent condition for a long time after purchase. If you decide to buy the individual pieces to compose your own personalized living room, it is good to pay attention to create a homogeneous and uniform environment, which can make the most of the surrounding space. in such a way as to be able to resist in excellent condition for a long time after purchase. If you decide to buy the individual pieces to compose your own personalized living room, it is good to pay attention to create a homogeneous and uniform environment, which can make the most of the surrounding space.

Complements to embellish the living room

Once you have purchased the basic furniture that make up the garden lounge, you can opt for the choice of all those secondary elements aimed at making it an even more comfortable space with highly personal features. In this case, the solutions and possibilities are almost endless, linked to the owner’s taste and the functionality required by the living room itself. What is certain is that among the most common elements we find cushions, of different shapes and sizes, which help to give a touch of color to the living room, which will no longer have to envy to the one inside the home. On tables and coffee tables you can find centerpieces and decorations, but also candles, scented or anti-mosquito, to be able to use the living room even in the evening without being disturbed by annoying insects. For the lighting is also particularly important for use in the evening; placing the garden lounge near suggestive outdoor lamps will allow you to create a suggestive and fascinating atmosphere. However, the choice of all these elements must be evaluated in conjunction with the positioning of the living room itself and with the time you want to dedicate to the care of the space: if the living room is in a place completely exposed to bad weather, cushions and other easily damaged elements must be removed and stored elsewhere when not in use, to avoid damage due to rain or thunderstorms. You might also want the furniture in the living room to be easily moved, to put them away with the arrival of the cold season: in this case, light materials and furniture that are not too bulky might be preferred. In this way it is possible not only to store the garden lounge as needed, but also to arrange for its placement in different points of the green space according to the needs. Conversely, if the living room is set up under canopies or covered and sheltered spaces, it is possible to think of an almost fixed setting, with cushions, furnishings and furniture themselves that do not require frequent removal. Curtains and drapes can, in this case, enrich the space and contribute to the decorative aspect, with touches of color in line with the surrounding environment. They can also make the living room even more comfortable, not disturbed by direct sunlight or summer storms, or even the breeze of the beginning and end of the season. If you intend to make the most of the outdoor lounge as much as possible but do not have sheltered spaces, you can combine the lounge with one or more umbrellas, which offer shade or shelter from the lightest rains. Umbrellas are also precious resources for those who, not having a sheltered area in which to set up the living room, still wish to be able to repair garden furniture even when they are not used directly. In any case, for a living room of greater effect, it is recommended to place it in spaces that allow you to enjoy the best view of the surrounding environment: garden works of art, fountains,

Garden lounges: The living room comes to life

After having carried out all the considerations described and having examined several garden lounges to identify the one most in line with your needs, it is time to proceed with the purchase. As mentioned, the centers dedicated to garden furniture offer the possibility of buying both entire living rooms and individual pieces of furniture, to create a personalized space or integrate existing living rooms. In any case, it is better to always keep in mind the overall effect, to avoid being disappointed by the final composition. Once you have chosen the living room or furniture, it is essential to obtain information at the point of sale regarding any cleaning and maintenance operations required by the living room itself: needs can in fact vary considerably from material to material, and you may find yourself unwilling to set aside enough time for certain types of living rooms. Some materials, for example, may not be suitable for exposure to rain, while others are not particularly damaged. Wood, for example, if not carefully treated, risks deforming and rotting, while iron and wrought iron are subject to the formation of rust. Of course, the risk is reduced in the case of quality furniture, as they are carefully treated in order to avoid these unpleasant inconveniences: in any case, with the passage of time it is advisable to carry out periodic checks. Especially in the case of buying large furniture or living rooms, it is advisable to inquire in advance at the point of sale about the conditions of transport and assembly at home,

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