Garden lounges

Garden lounges: the right table

To create a corner lounge in our garden, you can certainly start from the choice of the coffee table, which must be light and not bulky, ideal for coffee breaks, chatting with friends, relaxing reading a book. The wrought iron tables, very suitable for afternoon tea, have sinuous and elegant lines: some of these have a marble top or decorated with majolica inlays with geometric or floral shapes, which guarantee a wonderful decorative effect. The wooden tables, often folding, are an ‘evergreen’: wood is in fact a warm and comfortable material, which always blends perfectly with green spaces, making the boundary between natural and artificial elements much thinner. Plastic coffee tables are the cheapest, lightest and most manageable;

Chairs and armchairs

Once you have chosen our table, you can move on to the chairs; the number depends on the size of the table: for the smaller ones even two chairs are fine, for the slightly wider models four or at most five. The material of the chairs must naturally reflect that of the table: we can take them with or without armrests and decorate them with comfortable and soft cushions. A highly effective alternative solution can be the purchase of real armchairs, to make our relaxation corner even more like a living room: let’s think for example of the classic wicker armchairs, often rocking, to be placed around a coffee table. of the same material. Sun and tan lovers can opt for colorful deck chairs or, if there is enough space, even for comfortable sun beds.

Pillows to decorate

The cushions have a double function: they certainly make the chairs in our garden lounges more comfortable and comfortable and add a touch of liveliness and color to the environment. Also in this case we are spoiled for choice, among the many fabrics and patterns on the market: for plain-colored cushions the ideal is to prefer light, cheerful and bright colors, such as yellow, red, orange. A splendid effect is obtained with cushions that reflect the color of the flowers in the garden or more simply with those with floral patterns. Even the white cushions remain timeless: they match any type of furniture and accentuate the brightness of the environment, while the striped ones are particularly suitable for the summer season.

Garden lounges: Tips for lighting

On summer evenings, when staying outdoors is more pleasant, we can illuminate our garden lounge in various ways: the classic candles create a soft and atmospheric light, even better if scented with lemongrass or lavender, very useful aromas to keep mosquitoes away. We can also use small lanterns to place on the coffee table or hang from the low branch of a tree: we could even make lanterns, as well as candles, ourselves, using recyclable materials and following the practical suggestions of which the web is rich. The refined Japanese lanterns are very popular today and add a touch of oriental exoticism to our moments of relaxation. Spotlights and colored LEDs also fit the purpose: the important thing is not to use too strong lighting,

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