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Talking about how people are willing to make sacrifices, to work even in extraordinary hours, to give themselves the classic pinch on the stomach and give up something in order to be able to own a home would be monotonous, because these are topics that we talk about and it is discussed everywhere. More than anything else today we want to analyze a part of this problem, that is the one that shows us the tendency of many people not to be satisfied (in quotation marks of course) with the house they own, but to do everything to ensure that there is a private garden close to it and dedicated. This is a market and population trend that has been occurring for a few decades, even if in this moment it is becoming more and more difficult both for the economic conditions in which we live and for the increasingly absurd congestion of the cities in which we live, almost no public green spaces and therefore let alone similar possibilities for private individuals. The fact is that, it will be the film and television advertisements on the beauty and presumed perfection of life with a home garden, people are increasingly looking for this solution. In fact, the garden is able to give the precious opportunity to have a private and inaccessible place, not so much for strangers, but as for bad thoughts and the stress that accompanies us every day; in that little nature of ours, furnished according to our thoughts, there is only us and nothing else, thus managing to relax and really «unplug» the plug,

Furnish a garden

Once we have managed to secure the garden near the house, we have to move on to that important but pleasant phase of furnishing it and making it identical to how we have always imagined it. Yes, because none of the owners of private gardens can deny having imagined it the night before falling asleep, practically planning it in every detail and almost feeling already seated inside it. Well, the garden furnishing phase is absolutely the most important, because it is there that we transform a small plot of land into the place where we will spend happy and relaxing moments with our family and friends. The garden furniture can be both the initial one, or its construction, and the continuous one:

Porches in the garden

Porches are a much appreciated and desired piece of garden furniture; in short, these are architectural constructions of various make and style, usually with doorways in succession (hence the term «portico»), inspired by the same structures found in cities of ancient construction (typically medieval) and in the cloisters of Catholic Christian churches of the same period. In reality, anyone who decides to equip their garden with a porch is almost never inspired by these two original examples of arcades, but rather appreciates this solution because it manages to furnish a corner of the garden with a certain elegance, also providing a practical and useful aesthetics at will. In particular, the arcades are used to separate two areas of different destination of the garden, for example:

Garden porches: Materials for porches

The choice of the material to use for our porch is often linked to the function (practical and / or aesthetic) of the porch itself; not only that, this choice is also dictated by how one material rather than another manages to integrate and harmonize with the style of the house, that is, resulting in an element of embellishment and not a foreign body and almost to «out of tune» in the view of the complex. Let’s give some clarifying examples: one of the most popular uses for the porch is to constitute a sort of anteroom for the entrance into the house from the garden, with the functions of an outdoor room for relaxing summer morning coffees or in any case to enjoy the air of the garden without getting too cold in summer; in this case we often opt for a decoration of the pillars with colored flowers, or with climbing plants: both of these solutions love and «call» the use of wood for the arcades themselves. This material offers elegance and durability, giving a classic but never outdated aesthetic, as well as adapting well to the surrounding plants as a natural material. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the arcades are built in this material.

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