Garden roofs

The aesthetic and ornamental function of garden roofs

Garden roofs have the function of creating an area protected from atmospheric agents but their impact is also aesthetic so you must make an adequate choice to achieve this purpose. The garden becomes an enchanted place if the furnishings, lights and roofs are in harmony with each other both in terms of style and materials. The ideas proposed on the market are many but those with a large spending budget turn to architects or other professionals in the sector who make a simple garden the garden of dreams. They check the layout of the garden by making an inspection to gather the information necessary for the project to be carried out: a large roof does not look good in a small garden, just as a metal roof does not look good in a rustic style garden.

The choice of materials and color of the garden roofs

The materials used for the production of garden roofs are varied and on the market the gardening shops or outdoor manufacturing shops are provided with proposals suitable for every need. If you do not have much knowledge on the subject, it is useful to seek advice from industry experts or you can surf the web where you have the opportunity to compare prices and materials of the items offered in real time. The choice will focus on the roofs that represent a continuity with the style of the house in such a way that the material they are made of is not out of harmony with the rest of the garden. The color of the roof must also be in harmony with the style of the garden, with the color of its walls, with the furniture and with the flowers arranged along the paths and flowerbeds.

Treatments for the maintenance and durability of garden roofs

Garden roofs are meant to be outdoors and withstand climate change throughout the seasons of the year. There are products on the market suitable for these specific needs for which the roofs are subjected to treatments that make them resistant to rain, mold and fungi. They are products that have the function of creating waterproofing protections to maintain the quality and aesthetics of the roof for a long time. If the roof is made of wood, the treatments are aimed at preventing mold and moths and for this purpose painting is useful. If the roof is made up of pergolas and concrete, it is known that these are the materials most resistant to atmospheric agents, so their maintenance requires little expense; a concrete roof is periodically whitewashed and even in this case there are anti-mold products on the market to prevent water infiltration into homes. The goal in any case is to protect both roofs and homes.

Garden roofs: The aesthetics of the roof proof of the architect’s ingenuity

The aesthetics of the roof is achieved with the ornaments with which it is accessorized. Roofs are structures that often protrude from the underlying construction, so under them you can decide to create spaces with a high decorative value. An architect is capable of creating true works of art in the garden if he is allowed by the budget. To give an example, you can work with the imagination on the pillars that can be placed to support the roofs when they are wide overhang in the garden. The pillars can be columns at the base of which floral decorations are inserted; the roofs can be supported by wrought iron structures with ad hoc ornamental designs. The designs created with wrought iron are designed on request and have a high visual impact. Sometimes it is thanks to the roof covering that an underlying garden area is created. Pergolas or wooden roofs are often designed for this purpose.

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