Garden set-up

The importance of the private garden

The garden represents a significant added value for any home. The fast pace of modern lifestyles, in fact, do not always allow you to take care of your plants, to spend time outdoors organizing barbecues with friends and relatives, to relax in the shade of the coolness generated by the foliage of a tree or to bring children closer to nature by allowing them to play outdoors. It is often preferred to transform the garden into a parking lot for cars or to create a courtyard in its place where plants have no chance to grow and develop spontaneously. Being able to live in your own garden should instead be considered a privilege and an opportunity to restore that intimate bond that unites each person to nature.

Garden set-up

The garden set-up includes not only the supply and installation of the furniture necessary to allow the members of the family to carry out, at least in a certain period of the year, all those activities that normally take place inside the house but also concerns the choice of plant species more suitable for living in an environmental context that offers certain conditions. The choice of plants must in fact be accurate and take into account important factors such as the positioning of the garden, its size and the quality of its soil. In a dimly lit garden, for example, plant species such as philodendron, ivy, ficus, aspidistra or chamaedorea will be better grown, while in a small garden it will not be possible to plant trees such as cedar, plane tree or Oak tree.

Create the garden

In gardening there are many decisions to make and several things to plan. First of all it is appropriate to establish its function and decide whether it will become a meeting place, a fun area for the little ones and, if necessary, for adults, a quiet and peaceful environment where you can relax, read and meditate or whether it will be a vegetable garden or a small and colorful ecosystem where specimens of all kinds will find hospitality. In addition to depending on personal choices, the stylistic imprint that you want to give to a garden can be determined by objective characteristics regarding the morphological aspect and the environmental characteristics of the territory in which it is located. A’

Setting up the garden

The choice of plants to grow is a difficult task. It depends on the type of soil, the exposure and the size of the garden as well as your personal tastes. The garden can be set up all year round, so that you can always immerse yourself in a landscape full of colors and scents. In particular the hellebore or Christmas rose, the piracanta, the Japanese medlar, the winter camellia, the pansy with their multicolored blooms, the holly and the ardisia with their bright red berries can create spectacular scenographies even with intense cold but it is during the spring that nature manifests itself in a garish way thanks to specimens with beautiful shades such as anemone, camassia, cyclamen, hyacinth, lily, rose, tulip and so on.

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