Garden shower

Garden shower

The shower was born mainly in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt of which we have many testimonies, but our shower as we know it was born in the nineteenth century, in fact it was used not only by the Greeks and Egyptians, but also by the Jews and by the Romans.

In 1872 Dr. Merry Delabost, doctor of the Bonne-Nouvelle prison in Rouen, found a way to improve the hygiene of prisoners by creating collective showers, whose water flow was individual.

In 1879, after the invention of these showers, the Prussian army also made them compulsory for soldiers by installing their own shower in each hut, thus improving their hygiene.

To date, showers have changed radically, evolving both as structures (more beautiful and luxurious designs) and technologically (addition of controls and adjustments), in fact the latter can also be used by those with physical problems such as the elderly and disabled by comfortably accessing the jet of them. .

Costs and uses of the garden shower

The outdoor shower was created for those who especially love being outdoors and enjoying moments of relaxation and the sun without having to use the tub in their bathroom, thus avoiding having to clean it later.

Unlike our bathtub, it has multiple advantages:

1. The reduced consumption of the water used (about 10/20 liters per minute for the shower, while for the bathroom more than 150 liters), obviously in order to save money, the shower must last from 7 to 15 minutes, closing the jet when soaping;

2. The ease with which you can access jets of water compared to the bathtub, in fact it is recommended for those who have problems with the limbs of the body and therefore it is a big problem to wash, adding extra accessories;

3. The ease of preparation for the use of the shower unlike the tub;

4. It increases hygiene unlike the tub because the water we come into contact with is running, so it doesn’t stay still and is always new;

5. The speed with which you can wash yourself and provide for your personal hygiene is greater than in the tub;

6. The smaller footprint compared to the tub, if you have little space available, the shower is easier to arrange.

These showers have costs that vary depending on the model, their size and above all for their functionality. In fact, they range from 250/300 euros for traditional stainless steel ones up to a maximum of about 1500 euros for super luxurious and equipped or special ones such as those that incorporate heating.

How to install a garden shower

To install these outdoor showers you need to make sure you have some components:

– PVC pipes;

– T-fittings;

– The shower tray;

– The shower rod;

– And the taps;

– The bricks and the concrete.

Now we can start installing our outdoor shower:

1. take and bury the shower tray in the garden or create a small fence with bricks connecting it to the sewer drain;

2. We take the pvc pipes, fit them together and use a specific glue that, in contact with the materials, blends together, to ensure that they remain well attached;

3. Approaching the installation point of the shower, we must fix the pipes to the wall or floor through the use of staples or ficher that must be fixed using a screwdriver drill;

4. Now that we have reached the final point of the system with a T-fitting, we need to connect the rod that supports the shower diffuser;

5. At this point we only have to connect the knobs for the water supply and operate the plumbing to see if everything has been assembled correctly without having any leaks.

In this way we save time and above all money, instead of calling and having to pay a specialized technician, since the materials are affordable and you can have a wide choice.

Garden shower models

The latest generation outdoor showers all have an excellent design and thanks to the ecological and modern devices you can also get a pretty good water saving.

At the moment on the market there are many varieties of outdoor showers, the most sought after outdoor showers are:

– Minimal shower: it is a double column shower built in stainless steel, in which the controls can be arranged as in the classic indoor one or on the floor with built-in mixer. It is ideal for large areas such as poolside;

– Pasaia shower: it was created by Spanish designers in collaboration with Mermelada Estudio and its shape at first sight recalls a drop, which is made of colored aluminum. The aesthetics are covered with PVC strips, which are resistant to water and atmospheric agents and the shower head is very particular because the water pours down from it, which is very useful for relaxation. This type of shower can be used wherever you want as long as there is a water outlet to connect it to;

– Serpentine shower: it is an Extremis product by designer Tom de Vrieze, which is characterized by its light and practical shape. It has a system called attach and spray, which works by connecting a hose to a common tap.

So when you want to buy an outdoor shower you must also think that it can also be used as a decorative object to embellish our garden or any other space you want, choosing from all the various models and its designs.

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