Garden sofa

The garden sofa

The comfort of the environments in which you live and spend time is fundamental; for this reason, if you own a garden, one of the ways to live it and make the most of it is to furnish it with a garden sofa. This furniture is now on the market in various types and has become indispensable for those who love to spend time outside in relaxation, in company or alone. Furnishing your garden by choosing your own sofa by yourself can also prove to be an experience that gives great satisfaction, allowing us to create real outdoor lounges that reflect our tastes, just as happens for indoor environments. Furthermore, depending on the size of your garden, the sofa can be moved with ever new furnishing effects, more easily than with the interior furnishings of the house.

Garden sofa models

Just do an online search to get an idea of ​​the garden sofa that best suits your needs; in fact, nowadays there are all the models and materials, from those in fabric, natural or synthetic, which often trace the shape of indoor sofas, to those in wicker, wood, or iron, whose materials also integrate well visually with the external environments. Even the size has no limits, except that of the spaces at your disposal: the garden sofa is easily found on the market from two to ten seats, also modular, with and without corners, and with the possibility of adding footrests and poufs that make it even more comfortable to use. The only care must be to choose the model that best suits your habits, and the time you want to dedicate to the care of the house.

Where to place the garden sofa

Yeah, where to best place the garden sofa to get the best results for both comfort and design? Much depends on your tastes, of course, but some general advice can be given: if you have a veranda, for example, or a gazebo, you can create a very elegant outdoor seating area, and in addition you will have the advantage of not having to worry about possible bad weather, but indeed you can also lie comfortably on your garden sofa during a rainy summer day; another ideal place for your garden sofa is near a swimming pool: what could be better than an aperitif sitting comfortably after a day in the sun? On the other hand, if you have a large terrace, you can think of setting up a real outdoor living room,

Garden sofa: Prices of a garden sofa

You can buy your garden sofa very easily both online, at furniture stores or in some of the largest commercial chains; if you are the type who love vintage, you can sometimes find your sofa even at traveling markets. Prices vary a lot according to fabrics and materials: the cheapest two-seater models can be found starting at around 80 euros, but to compose a basic seating area you will probably not spend less than 300 euros; basically, the more the garden sofa is similar to an indoor sofa, the more the price goes up, due to the greater processing of fabrics and materials: the finest models with the most attractive design can reach up to a few thousand euros. Very fashionable at the moment are the sofas in rattan, a natural material,

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