Garden sofas

The suitable and best materials for garden sofas

Weather conditions seriously and hard test outdoor furniture. For this reason it is necessary to carefully choose the material capable of resisting and not deteriorating over time. There are numerous types of materials used in the design of garden sofas that can do this. The material most generally used to make outdoor furniture, and therefore also sofas, is wood. This material is aesthetically very appreciated and provides fairly linear and simple structures. Another widely used material and also one of the most popular is rattan. As far as resistance is concerned, this material is one of the most recommended and suitable for garden sofas. Even plastic, despite the times are advancing and approaching different materials, it continues to be widely used for outdoors, especially because it is extremely economical. Metals such as iron and aluminum are also used for garden furniture. A sofa made with these materials is very resistant and aesthetically modern and elegant.

Wooden garden sofas – beautiful but need to be taken care of

The wooden garden sofas are extremely elegant and widely used. This material is able to adapt, in fact, to any type of environment, creating an immediate harmony with the surrounding environment. Although wood can be universal and aesthetically very appreciated, it is good to know that it is not a material capable of resisting atmospheric agents. In contact with water or due to humidity, the wood shrinks and in contact with the sun’s rays it begins to dry out, causing real cracks. For this reason, if your choice falls on a garden sofa made of wood, you must be aware that it must be treated carefully. There are special paints, whose purpose is to make the wood waterproof and resistant, therefore, to humidity and other atmospheric agents. The colors of the cushions that harmoniously match the wood are red, green, white and blue.

Garden sofas made of wicker or rattan

The creation of wicker or rattan sofas is enjoying considerable success. Wicker garden sofas have a very natural look and adapt adequately to their surroundings. The material in question is obtained from the intertwining of willow branches or other types of plants. The characteristic that distinguishes this material is its ductility. The final look of a wicker sofa can be vaguely retro and rustic. Lightness and resistance are two other qualities that should not be overlooked, especially since resistance is the main characteristic that a garden sofa must have. Rattan is also a material of natural origin, the name of which is used to identify various types of plants that come from Asia. Rattan stands out for its incredible resistance, allowing your sofa to last over time. The colors of the cushions to match should preferably be soft.

Garden sofas made of metal (iron or aluminum)

Garden sofas made of iron or aluminum have faded into the background due to problems related to the formation of rust with the passage of time. Now this problem has been largely solved because these materials are subjected to painting capable of ensuring protection from bad weather and prolonged resistance. To keep iron or aluminum sofas clean, just use a neutral soap and warm water. A wax used for cars could be useful if you want to polish them. Even the cushions are now made with materials resistant to tearing and wear: textilene cushions are practically indestructible; batyline cushions are also able to resist humidity and sunlight. Inside it is better that they contain dry fast foam,

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