Garden stones


In an elegant and welcoming garden, no element is left to chance: from the choice of furniture to that of natural elements, everything must be combined in harmony and in order to create a coherent space. Between the natural element and the artificial insertion are placed the garden stones, which can be used for decorative purposes or to create a specially designed flooring but made, at the same time, with elements found in nature. From the point of view of the flooring, the choice is almost infinite, both as regards the size and the type of stones, which can have extremely different technical and aesthetic characteristics. Not surprisingly, the choice must be made taking into account both aspects, in such a way as to have sufficiently resistant material but at the same time able to embellish the area. They range from gravel to cobblestones, up to large stones used to compose natural paths and passages: in this case their shape will be more regular and the surface smooth, while in the case of gravel or pebble flooring it will also be possible to opt for the combination of different stones, for a sophisticated and unusual chromatic effect.

Decorative stones

Inside the garden, stones of different sizes can be placed for decorative purposes: they can delimit the main path made of gravel or pebbles, or find a place in spaces to be filled or areas of the garden to be enhanced, perhaps to attract more attention to some plants of particular charm. The decorative stones can be purchased at well-stocked centers dedicated to gardening or at specific shops, and selected from a very wide range that is distinguished by cut, type and origin. The large stones will help to create an atmosphere full of charm and enhance the natural elements present within the green space, to recall mountain or maritime landscapes or exotic atmospheres.

The Zen garden

Depending on the specific characteristics, decorative stones can adapt to any type of space and enhance it, giving it unity and personality. The stones are of particular importance in the constitution of Zen gardens, which are based on the principles of furnishing the green space. The fusion of natural and artificial elements, which must not be perceived as such, makes stone one of the preferred materials for the construction of elements such as fountains, fountains and artificial lakes. The operating mechanisms, carefully hidden among the stones, are made invisible to make the flow of water resemble a course as natural as possible; in the same way, the arrangement of decorative stones will take on particular importance for games related to perspective and to recreate the atmosphere of the large spaces of oriental gardens in a small way. The choice of the type of stone is as important as the arrangement: you can purchase all the stones as a whole, to be sure of a uniform design, or give life to the garden little by little, seeing it slowly form while it will take on a personality more and more clear and delineated.

Garden stones: The purchase

Decorative stones for your garden can be purchased both from well-stocked shopping centers and shops dedicated to garden furniture and gardening, and from companies specialized in stone processing, which will also be able to offer more choices and a variety able to meet any taste and any style. For purchases of large stones or for the purchase of numerous garden stones it is usually possible to arrange delivery and placement directly in the green space: it is better to establish the arrangement in advance therefore, especially in the case of purchasing large stones, which may be difficult to move later. As for the Zen gardens, it is possible to buy both the individual elements to be arranged as you see fit inside the garden or to independently create personal and do-it-yourself fountains, as well as fountains already designed and built, or to be made specifically for your garden, respecting its characteristics and peculiarities. Also in this case it will be possible to request home delivery, especially for large fountains: this type of product can also be purchased at centers dedicated to ethnic furniture for interiors and exteriors.

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