Garden swing

The classic that never sets: the wooden garden swing

Some materials are as old as the world, yet they always remain current. One of these is wood, widely used both in the creation of interior furnishings and in the creation of garden furniture. Even those who undertake to supply the garden swing on the market seem to prefer this material. With a solid structure, a simple, clean and elegant design, the wooden garden swings are one of the most requested outdoor accessories for those who are about to furnish their open space. Very often the supporting structure is combined with a set of cushions in contrasting colors compared to the dark color of the wood. The same goes for the drape that acts as a shelter from the sun’s rays, which is wisely combined with both the wood and the rest of the accessories of the swing.

The perfect outdoor accessory is white

Regardless of the material with which the supporting structure is made, most of the cushions combined with a garden swing to make the seat more pleasant come very close to light colors. White and beige, in general, are the masters, closely followed by their shades. The choice contributes to making an environment even purer and more uncontaminated thanks to the fact that it is a small slice of nature that the owner of the house has managed to carve out. White, then, is a bright color, capable of reflecting sunlight and creating an almost mystical atmosphere through the spontaneous diffusion of light that affects the fabrics. Darker and more decisive colors remain on the market, but their quantity is much lower.

The invasion of modernity: the design garden swing

Just as design has invaded every aspect of the furnishing of a home, the air of novelty has also extended to the outside, also influencing the creation of garden furniture. This phenomenon gave rise to examples of garden swing chairs with increasingly curious and captivating shapes. By revisiting the concept of the traditional rocking chair, objects with an almost spherical shape were born, whose oscillation no longer occurs by suspension, but in direct contact with the ground, to create an even more intimate relationship with the nature in which one finds oneself. Even the egg seems to be a favorite shape, becoming a kind of cradle that, anchored in one point, allows you to swing in any direction. The traditional suspended swings still exist, but they are reworked both in form and in the operating system:

Garden swing: What to combine with the swing? The choice of accessories

The rocking chair is the element that absolutely cannot be missing in a self-respecting garden, but just as important are the accessories, those elements that contribute to giving completeness and originality to the preparation of an outdoor space. In general, when you think about the furnishing of a garden, images of tables and puoffs where you can sit and have a cold drink during the summer are also evoked. But while, in the evening, you are relaxing lulled by the swings of the garden swing, having adequate light is essential. This is why among the most requested garden accessories there are lanterns and spotlights capable of illuminating the surrounding environment in a soft and discreet way. Another element that is often proposed in the design of exteriors is the body of water,

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