Garden tables

Garden tables: different shapes and styles.

The style with which furniture and accessories are positioned in a house is a feature that is immediately identified by its guests, it is something that strikes at first glance and that wins you over in no uncertain terms. Garden tables have always represented an icon of hospitality and relaxation, and enrich our homes with a choice of shapes and colors that makes it possible to give a personal touch to your home: high, low, folding, reclining chairs, square tables , rounded, with which you can adopt different styles according to your preferences: for lovers of contemporary style, you can choose mainly light colored tables, which can be combined with elements of wood or stone. What are you waiting for? Compose your style!

The heart of the tables: materials and maintenance.

Garden furniture, like coffee tables, are composed of a wide range of materials, which make the difference both aesthetically and functionally, and for this they must be kept as such with simple cleaning operations based on the material they are made of. First, for compactness and simplicity, we find plastic, elegant in dark colors and genuine but captivating in light colors, it requires easy maintenance. In second place, we find two more «refined» materials, wood and wrought iron. The aged and warm style of iron gives uniqueness to your garden; it requires more particular care but quite feasible, in fact with a little anti-rust and some special paint, the job can be considered done. Wood, on the other hand, requires specific products but offers an inimitable style.

Garden tables for all tastes.

Gardening enthusiasts know how tiring it is to take care of their green space, but also how satisfying it can be. The culture of the garden with its various types, as well as that of enriching it with appropriate furniture, is constantly expanding. There are various types of gardens spread around the world, the Japanese one, full of miniatures and bonsai, which could be enriched with wicker furniture; the English garden instead features ancient trees and ruins, with which a wrought iron table would be perfect, or an Italian garden, surrounded by hedges, with fruit trees and flowers, such as roses, to be enjoyed comfortably seated on a low sofa in wood or plastic that surrounds a low table: in short, whatever your taste, choosing garden furniture is an art!

Garden furniture – an important and economic resource.

The house is a place of rest, but also of work, it is synonymous with warmth but also with freshness, with its open spaces, to be enriched to our liking. Garden furniture represent an important resource for the home, they support you in moments of fatigue, they accompany you in moments of relaxation with friends, but also in the saddest moments, where you need two minutes for yourself. They share joys and sorrows with us for a very long time, they are cheap and suitable for everyone, from the largest to the smallest. Sometimes moving chairs in a particular way can create creative combinations, but also group games or summer study evenings. The coffee table represents the ideal time to get together with loved ones, it is synonymous with trust and quality, but it is also convenient and resistant; is a simple, convenient and lasting choice,

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